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A spot in Dehiwala that distributes excellent quality kalu dodol and kithul-based products, which they order from Kithulgala.

Ah, Kalu Dodol! This dark, sticky, muscat-like sweetmeat made with jaggery coconut milk and rice flour is one of the best things about avurudu. But, avurudu or not, a piece of kalu dodol on the side of a freshly brewed cup of tea is a way of life for many of us Lankans. 

The aptly named Kalu Dodol is a spot based in Dehiwala that distributes some excellent quality kalu dodol, kithul-based products (kithul flour, jaggery and treacle) which they order from Kithulgala. You can get it delivered; all you have to do is buzz them up at 072 588 4534 or reach out to them through their Facebook page.

The Goodies

We ordered the Kolapath Kalu Dodol (Rs. 300 for 500g), Kithul Jaggery (Rs. 550 for 400g) and Kithul Treacle (Rs. 1100 for 750ml). 

Wrapped in an areca sheath, which is commonly known as kolapatha in the Sinhala language, this bar of kalu dodol was relished with jaggery, which in fact, you can see from its glistening dark colour. It wasn't exactly gooey in texture like the goodies by The Dodol House, but yet quite smooth and chunky. Not doused in sweetness, this is actually one of the less-sweetened up takes on kalu dodol we've ever had, but super delicious, nonetheless. 

While absorbing the excess oil, the kolapatha presents an irresistible leafy aroma. The generously embedded sesame and crushed cashew nuts in the dodol were a nice touch, and it added an extra depth to the profound flavour profile this one has. The Kithul Treacle was of very high quality too. Beautifully brown and thick in texture, we enjoyed catching a whiff of those floral-like, woody notes here. Drizzling this stuff on top of some mee kiri (buffalo curd) is the dream. 

Kithul Jaggery is the best (and a healthy) sweetener on this island, but it's not every day you come across a good one of that. It is pure magic blossomed from a kithul flower, but we often get disappointed by the ones that are infused with sugar more than anyone else. 

However, the jaggery we encountered here was so incredibly awesome. Not sugary yet carrying just the right amount of natural sweetness, it was soft and would melt in your mouth within seconds. 

Another something to pair your cup of tea with. 


Kalu Dodol offers a solid deal for your kalu dodol, and kithul-based product needs. The ordering process is easy, the quality and flavours of their goodies are brilliant, and you totally get your money's worth. 


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