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Keells Super (Havelock Road)

Sri Sambuddhathva Jayanthi Mawatha, Colombo 5

The Keells down Havelock Road is quite big is in a very convenient location

We've started doing quick and easy supermarket mini-reviews. They include information on parking, liquor, bakery, pharmacy options, timings, etc.
  • Keells Super in Havelock town has a big building with ample parking space, at least 20.
  • They have a good selection of fresh fruits and vegetables.
  • They offer all kinds of meat and fresh seafood.
  • They offer the same range of cheese as other supermarket chains (Anchor, Happy Cow, etc)
  • They have an in-house bakery and pharmacy.
  • There are 5 check-out lines, but check-out speed depends on what time you get there.

Hope this helps, happy shopping! 



Sri Sambuddhathva Jayanthi Mawatha, Colombo 5


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