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Kuruniya Restaurant

Amity Shopping Complex, 123 Avissawella Rd, Maharagama 10280

One of the livelier establishments in the Amity Building, with good food.

The Amity Building is not home to many exciting places, but the Kuruniya Restaurant certainly blows life into it. While the rest of the establishments in the building is almost deserted, Kuruniya always has a steady flow of customers coming in for a quick fix.

Ambience and Service

They serve a range of food from rice, pasta to burgers and submarines, but most of their focus is directed to their rice-based dishes, which have made them popular in the area. 

They have a charming interior, and in contrast to the rest of the shops in the building, inviting and cosy. They also have two other spaces, side by side, where we can have our meals, one facing the street, and the other in the balcony sort of space. The tables were adorned with a few plants, that somehow contributed to a very homely feeling. All in all, quite a pleasant place. 

The staff were friendly and accommodating, patiently waiting until we browse through the menu despite the crowd, but if you order anything other than the price you'll have to stay patient for around half an hour until your food arrives. 

The Food

Seeing as to how they were enthusiastic about their rice dishes, we opted for the Seafood Fried Rice (rs. 480) and also the Carbonara Chicken(Rs. 700). 

The fact that there wasn't as much actual seafood as we expected (Ariel is happy about this) was a teensy bit disappointing. But, except for that, the rice in itself, although a bit on the dry side, tasted quite good. It was accompanied by a serving of chutney, and of course, the chilli paste. The chutney could also be used as a sort of slightly thick gravy. 

The Chicken Carbonara we had, was a little expensive, and honestly, not worth that price. Although the portions were filling, we felt the Carbonara to be slightly on the bland side. The strips were besmeared in a cheesy substance, but at the same time, it didn't taste as cheesy as it should have and tasted slightly milky instead.

*Pictured above - Lime Juice (left), and Carrot Juice (right)

The drinks we ordered here were actually fresh and one of our favourite parts. No artificial substances included, the Lime Juice (Rs. 130) had achieved the perfect balance between being slightly acidic and sweet, while the Carrot Juice (Rs. 170) was top notch and quite refreshing, and had tiny chunks of carrot amongst the juice which made it that much better. 


If you're in the neighbourhood and you're looking for a place where you can have a filling meal, Kuruniya Restaurant is the place to drop by. Just make sure you stick with the rice and prepare to be satiated. 


Amity Shopping Complex, 123 Avissawella Rd, Maharagama 10280


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