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Luscious Cream Homebaker

Dehiwela (Delivery only)

A home baker who specialises in a plethora of different treats from cakes to lasagne to ice cream.

Luscious Cream is a home-baker who specialises in the usual contemporary confectionaries dished out by many other home bakers alike, but they've also got an interesting range of home-made ice creams up for grabs if you place your orders a day ahead. 

The Goods

After a rather long discussion, we decided to get the KitKat (Rs. 650 per litre) and the Passion Fruit (Rs. 650 per litre) flavoured ice creams. The ice cream was delivered by 10 AM on the dot (as per my request) in two individual tubs containing 2 litres of ice cream each. 2 litres is the minimum amount you can order per flavour.

At first glance, the ice cream looked a little runny but that's probably because it was sitting in the delivery tuk for quite some time. It turned out nice and firm once we left it in the freezer for half an hour or so. In terms of texture, both ice creams were a little flaky when frozen but as they melt and reach that perfect texture, they reach a creamy consistency.

The Kit Kat ice cream (as pictured above) comes with chunks of KitKat sprinkled on the top and what seems like generic chocolate ice cream. At first we were a little let down by the sporadic shavings of KitKat scattered atop the surface, but we realised later that the rest of the chocolate had settled at the bottom.  Paired with the chocolate ice cream, the chocolate chunks deliver a sweet and crunchy kick that's more than enough to satisfy your sweet tooth. 

Nice and tart, with a hit of passion here and there the Passion Fruit ice cream turned out to be the house favourite with fellow employees rushing to the fridge and sneaking away with cups full of the stuff. 

The ice cream itself has a mild, whisper of passion coming through but thanks to the seeds sprinkled here and there you get a full on, tart smack and before you know it you're scrunching up your face like you've swallowed a mouthful of raw passion fruit seeds. Not a pretty sight, but definitely worth it.

The ice creams are 100% home-made with no added preservatives or added artificial flavouring.

The Process

You need to call them up via mobile phone and tell them what you're interested in getting. The call itself doesn't take too long because the lady in charge will graciously provide you with all the info via whatsapp or any other carrier service. Once you've placed your order she'll tell you how long it'll take to process and get it delivered (didn't take more than two days for our ice cream to get here) and you'll have to pay for the tuk fare as part of delivery charge.
Don't forget that each order of ice cream requires a minimum of 2 litres of each flavour. 


Luscious Cream does a good job with their ice creams and they've got an interesting range to pick from to boot. Hit them up if you're planning a little something with the squad and you'd like to indulge in some brain-freeze inducing, cavity generating goodness.


They take bulk orders, but call them up beforehand for details!


Dehiwela (Delivery only)


Go to facebook and search for Luscious Cream.



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