Mango & Company

14/6, Weerasinghe Place, Kelaniya

Mango & Company is yet another new home baker. What sets M & G apart is their cinnamon rolls which are some of the best we've had in Sri Lanka.

Mango & Company is yet another new home baker we came across recently. What sets M&G apart is their cinnamon rolls which are some of the best we've had in Sri Lanka.

The Food

Over the past few years the number of home bakers in Colombo has increased exponentially, becoming a sort of industry in itself. Cupcakes and cakes still remain the most popular items, with some interesting twists by certain bakers. Mango & Company has moved away from that comfort zone by offering cinnamon rolls, which is something that is very difficult to find in Colombo.

Her prices are quite reasonable with the standard cinnamon roll at Rs. 250 and variations like caramel, chocolate and cream cheese priced between Rs. 320 - Rs. 350. There's a minimum order quantity of 6 rolls. Besides the cinnabuns she also does pretzels and yoghurt cakes as well.

The plain cinnamon roll comes with a light glaze and dusting of icing sugar. This one is the most simple but also a great way to taste all the different components. The rolls were baked through well with the flavour of the cinnamon coming through beautifully. Structurally these held up well without falling apart which can happen with these since they're rolled and then baked.

We tried all her toppings - caramel, chocolate and cream cheese. In a general sense all of these will likely make you very happy but personal preferences will play a part. My personal favourites were the caramel and the cream cheese, the latter of which was fresh, rich and just super creamy.

Even the chocolate had a great consistency and robust taste, but I'm just not a huge fan of dark chocolate.

We also tried out her strawberry and passion fruit yoghurt cake (Rs. 1500 for 1 kg). This one tastes pretty similar to a normal cake only a lot more moist and soft because of the yoghurt, which makes it that much better. The strawberry syrup on top was also full of flavour and since the cake is so soft it gets absorbed quite nicely.


You can contact M & G on 0778447590 to place your orders. It's actually a solo operation so it would be prudent to call her a few days in advance. Another thing we really appreciate is the fact that Mango & Co actually delivers which addresses the issue of accessibility which is the biggest problem home bakers face.


Mango & Company is a great addition to the home baking scene in Colombo. Their cakes are great, but the cinnamon rolls are really where it's at.


14/6, Weerasinghe Place, Kelaniya



Open 10.00 AM - 6.00 PM


Western American Home Baker

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Between Rs. 1000 - Rs. 1500

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Sweets Cakes Cupcakes Bready

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