Max Fitness (Thimbirigasyaya)

65 2/1, Thimbirigasyaya Road, Colombo 05

An all-ladies gym in Colombo 05.

Max Fitness is a gym for ladies only. That's right, boys -  no bootiya for you in this gym.

They started off as an all-ladies gym in Dehiwala and have now expanded by opening their second gym in good old Thimbirigasyaya. Given their convenient location, I decided to check it out to get some abs from my flabs.


Interior and Equipment

You have to climb two flights of steps to get to the gym, so that cuts off the need to warm up before you get cracking. 

Max Fitness is not a full fancy gym like High Octane, but it's not shabby either. The gym is fully air conditioned and there is a TV fixed at the center with India's MTV being played (on mute) while Pitbull screams "International love" from the speakers. 

For a small gym, Max Fitness is well equipped. They have a treadmill, a couple of cross trainers and cycling machines, a rowing machine, a squat station, some fancy machines that look so hard that you don't even think about trying them out, and an area for you to do your bicep curls.

The space is rather concealed. So gone are your dreams of making eye contact with a cute boy on the road as you run sexily on that treadmill with some sexy sweat pouring down your left cheek.

But it's also a good thing because now no one will know where you gym and everyone will be flabbergasted when you show up with that bomb body at your cousin's wedding!


Rates and Charges

Their rates are pretty reasonable with a month's membership costing Rs 8,000, a 3 month membership costing Rs 16,000, a 6 month membership costing Rs 25,000 and a one year membership costing Rs 38,000.

When inquired about personal training, I was told they charge Rs 1,500 a week for three sessions with a personal instructor, but members with a 3 month membership or longer get a file to maintain with their BMI and weight to record workout summaries which is then checked at the end of every month to see if the workout schedule is followed.



The gym is not large - it's a moderate sized space, but Max Fitness happens to be the only all-ladies gym I know of. So if you have strict parents who don't like the idea of you gymming at a mixed gym or if you are uncomfortable sweating and panting around the male species, Max Fitness might help you get fit to the max. 


65 2/1, Thimbirigasyaya Road, Colombo 05


Right opposite the Bread Talk in Thimbirigasyaya.



Closed right now