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Meat & Co.

No. 2, Rohini Road, Wellawatte

  • Closed right now

Meat & Co. is a home cook who grills some decent steaks at very reasonable prices

'tis time for carnivores, — I mean, meat lovers — to unite. There's a new homecook in town whose Facebook page is enough to make anyone's mouth water. Is enough, literally, to keep the whole Yamu office in after work was done just so we could try this out for an early dinner. 

Meat & Co., is run by a businessman who cooks during his after-office hours; so you can place your order but pick the goods up only between 6PM to 9PM. Barely a fortnight old, they're a relatively new venture with a small and easy to navigate menu, so we indulged a bit and ordered a portion (or two) of everything they had. Which, namely, was the sirloin and rib-eye steaks, and chicken wings and thigh.

The Meat

Round One: BEEF.

All of us in this office loves meat. Especially beef (and pork, but that's over to Bhagya). Our orders were for two mediums, and one medium rare. There seems to have been a bit of a mix up where the cooking was concerned, as we asked for the sirloins to be medium rare and medium, and the rib-eye to be medium as well — but both the sirloins were more along medium and well-done, with the rib-eye being medium rare. That's a bit confusing, innit... sorry.

Regardless, let's move onto the meat.

This sirloin steak (Rs. 700) came with a side of sauteed button mushrooms and toasted (but rather soggy) carbs in the form of a garlic buttered bun. The bun went great with the juice from the beef which'd collected in the alumunium foil it came wrapped in.

We'd ordered this medium rare, but it was more medium/ medium well, as we mentioned before. The second sirloin was well-done (more so than this one), sadly. I mean, it's not sad that it was cooked well... you get the idea.

Starting at Rs. 600 and going up to 800 bucks, the rib-eye steak (which we asked to be medium) was succulent, juicy, and the office favourite.

However, we must point out that despite the flavour being quite good, the consistency of how the meat was cooked was really uneven — with the flesh being quite fleshy and pink towards the bone, but browner as it got further away. As far as mediums go, this doesn't cut through, even though it qualifies for a medium rare. Somewhat.

These comes with a side of either mash potatos or mushrooms. We got both, and the mash was quite good but more creamy and buttery than mash. The potato's flavour was quite understated, and whilst it was great on its own, it was more like a cream sauce than anything else. We'd choose that over the button 'shrooms, which doesn't look that aesthetic/ appetising after being unpacked.

Round Two: CHICKEN

Chicken in general is a boring meat, right up there with fish, in my opinion (sorry, people). Cooked or grilled right though, this can be quite heavenly. Our Chicken Thigh Fillets (Rs. 290 a portion) was soft and succulent, quite satisfactory.

Mind you though, this serves as an appetizer and definitely isn't enough for even one person — we ordered two portions.

The Chicken Wings (Rs.350 for 10 pieces) received strong reactions both positive and negative. It was spiced quite well, but in some instances overly so, as the salt in it could have been used to prevent iodine deficiencies in children for years to come. This was only for like half the portion though, because a few of us didn't get the saltiness as much, leading us to conclude, after much deliberation, that it was probably accidentally salted over twice. Taking the salty factor out, the meat in itself was well cooked and soft, breaking away easily from the bone.


Here's all the details you'd need :)


If you're looking for some good chunks of steak just ready to be picked up, this place has amazing value for money. The sauteed mushrooms aren't too great, but their creamy mashed potatoes make up for it. Just double check with how the beef is cooked. There aren't many homecooks we know of who specializes in meat, so we're looking forward to seeing this grow.

P.s - They're also trying their hand at biscuit puddings, to be available soon. Bonus points for the surprise dessert included with the meals.


Try their rib-eye steak


No. 2, Rohini Road, Wellawatte


The road is almost directly opposite Savoy in Wellawatte.

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Price Range

Between Rs. 500 - Rs. 1500

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Beef Steak Chicken

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