Organicoguru specialises in - you guessed it- organic and healthy ingredients / snacks for those who like maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Deciding to attempt a day of healthy eating, I looked up organicoguru.com and decided to order in some healthy products like Salted Caramel Brownies and Chips. Bear with me here, because these are 100% organic and vegan. Still confused? So was I.

The Goods

They're really expensive because everyone knows good health comes with a good price tag. I decided to stick to two products because minimalism is key. 

The Falafel Chips cost a solid Rs. 869. Made from a blend of herbs, legumes and spices, the chips themselves aren't even the slightest bit chilli even though their website says they deliver a 'chilli kick'. For you fire-throats, this will be an absolute disappointment, but if you're more into milder food, like me, you'll like this. It doesn't taste that different from the nachos at Arpico, but I'm sure these are a lot healthier.

The Caramel Fudge Brownie Mix (Rs. 985) declared that they're fully vegan in addition to being gluten free, wheat free, egg, free, dairy free and yeast free. Aside from the free-dom, I was surprised to find a recipe which contained butter and eggs. Not to worry though because they have a separate recipe for vegan brownies where you substitute the egg and butter with bananas and vegetable oil. We still haven't whipped these up because nobody at the office wants to go to the shop to get eggs. 

The Process

So the process isn't arduous, but it's a bit of a stretch. Aside from the usual requirements like registering, providing them with your personal details, pledging them your firstborn child etc, the products take a few days to be delivered and aren't instant like the local delivery services we have going on here. If you're eager to chow down on some flavoured popcorn or nutri-bars within the day, then you're in for a disappointment. 

Once you're done you'll receive an email and a call from their end asking for a few extra details like the exact location, whether they have the item in stock and other such dilemmas.


About three days later, the delivery guy came sauntering up the stairs with a brown paper bag (surprise, surprise). The items were delivered in good shape and overall I'd say they do a pretty efficient job even though it takes so long.


If you're heavily into the vegan lifestyle then organicoguru.com is a great way to shop for otherwise unobtainable 100% organic and vegan food. They have an interesting range of items and I'm sure you'll find something you like even if you're a stubborn meat-eater like me.


They have a range of different chips and popcorn up for grabs if you want to try something different.




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