Quick Thai (Battaramulla)

424A, Pannipitiya Road, Pelawatta.

Quick Thai serves up a range of affordable Thai dishes that are low on refinement, yet big on taste, from its modest, but elegant Pelawatta premises.

Quick Thai has been around for as long as I can remember and they're one of the few places that serve Thai cuisine that's value for your money. We dropped in for a late lunch and walked out with our tummies full and hearts contented. 

It's located on Pannipitiya Road, between Pizza Hut and HSBC. In the earlier days, when Battaramulla didn't have a lot of places like Calorie Counter, Bubblelement or Lavinia Bakers, Quick Thai is where people went to have a decent meal. We're happy to say that they have managed to keep the quality of their food pretty consistent. 

The Food

The Prawn Pad Thai Noodles (Rs. 770) we got was one of the best I have tried. The refined Thai flavours along with perfectly cooked prawns, peanuts and the lemongrass added up to spicy and filling noodles with a tinge of sweetness.

The Chicken with Cashew Nuts (Rs. 705) was amazing! There were lots of pieces of fried chicken soaked in a succulent and spicy sauce with cashews and sauteed veggies. The chicken was flavourful with a hint of sweetness which balanced out the spiciness of the sauce.

If I see Hot Butter Mushroom (Rs. 450) on the menu, I get it. This was a bit sweeter than the ones I have had before but I can't say I didn't like it. It was perfectly on par with the rest of the dishes. It was on the menu as an appetizer but it could just as easily be a side dish because of the huge portion we received. The mushrooms were crispy and crunchy, with perfect seasoning. I highly recommend all you vegetarians give it a go.

Unfortunately, they didn't have any of the desserts I was looking forward to, like the Sticky Rice with Mango or the Banana Fritters with Ice Cream.

The Drinks

The Pineapple Juice (Rs. 395) we got was quite pricey for fruit juice, especially since the ratio was off. Halfway through the drink, I had to take the straw out and drink straight from the glass because it was just blended pineapple and no water. It was alright but I don't see myself ordering it again. 

Service & Ambience

Here's the thing. Before I went there I checked their Facebook reviews and almost all of them had said that their service is really bad. However, we didn't experience anything abysmally terrible. The staff was all smiles and brought our food to the table within 10-15 minutes. Although I do have to mention that they were quite impatient and didn't really give us time to decide on our order. It's distracting when the waiter keeps inching towards our table every 5 seconds.

I really appreciate the themed ambience they have going on. With wooden tables and benches along with the woven table mats it really gives the feel of a Thai restaurant. They also have seating upstairs with cushioned furniture so if your butt hurts from sitting on wood, you can sit there. The place could use a bit of brightening because unless you're sitting near the window you won't get much lighting. 


Quick Thai was a quality experience with delicious food. The prices are a tad pricey but you can have a filling meal for about Rs. 1500 per head, which is alright considering you get to taste Thai cuisine in Colombo.


If you live in the west and don't fancy a trip out to the eastern reaches of town, fret not. Quick Thai have announced location at Nondescripts Cricket Club, in Colombo 7.


424A, Pannipitiya Road, Pelawatta.


Turn into Pannipitiya Road from Parliament Road and it's only about 200 meters away, on your right, past HSBC Bank and opposite Isurupaya.



Open until 11:00 PM



Price Range

Between Rs. 1000 - Rs. 1500

Dish Types

Noodles Fried Rice Cuttlefish