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Royal Biriyani & BBQ

Rajasinghe Road, Marine Drive, Colombo 06

A spot to satisfy late-night biriyani and BBQ cravings.

Royal Biriyani & BBQ has been around for many years, satisfying our late-night cravings with some good biriyani and even better BBQ. They went MIA a few years ago, but came back to life in no time, at a new location. So after 5 years since our last review, we found ourselves here again.


The menu here is comprised of biriyani, BBQ, curries and rotis. They also do sawans

The BBQ Chicken Biriyani (Rs. 600) arrived with a simple raita and some gravy on the side.

Fragrant and aromatic, the rice had a very good flavour. The long grain basmati was cooked well, fluffy, and the seasoning was simply fantastic. It's like a totally different recipe, in comparison to what we had during our last review. While we still bear strong feelings towards The Biryani Restaurant, this one actually exceeded our expectations, especially considering how it comes from a tiny streetside joint.

What made our meal even better was this piece of barbecued chicken. Wonderfully caramelised from the perfect grill, the BBQ glaze here was on point, and it had a lovely smoky flavour to boot, which was further enhanced by the charcoal bits stuck on the meat. The meat was so soft and juicy that it fell off the bone. A splash of freshly squeezed lime certainly takes this flavour a long way.

For Rs. 400, their Beef Kuruma comes with about 4/5 sizable chunks of beef dunked in a thick, creamy gravy that's full of flavour. Tender and well-cooked through, the meat was rich in flavour, thanks to having soaked in all the goodness from the gravy.

The only disappointment was the oil content. It was a bit too much.

We paired the Beef Kuruma with a couple of rotis - Butter Naan (Rs. 90) and Garlic Naan (Rs. 110).  The Butter Naan had the promised butter flavour to it, but they can certainly improve the garlickiness of the Garlic Naan. Plus, both of them were a wee bit doughier for our liking.

They also serve a couple of desserts by Faaa Products. Clocked in at Rs. 60, this cup of Watalappan was all right. Sweet and pudding-like.

Ambience & Service

The ambience here is pretty simple with a few wooden chairs and tables. It's a roadside restaurant, so it's nothing fancy, but gets the job done.

Friendly and attentive, the staff was quick on their feet. It took them no more than 10 minutes to serve our food. 


All in all, we're happy with our recent experience at Royal Biriyani & BBQ. Good biriyani, superb BBQ and it really gives your money's worth.


Rajasinghe Road, Marine Drive, Colombo 06


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Open 11.00 AM - 10.00 PM

Price Range

Between Rs. 200 - Rs. 500

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