Sasha Food Court

584, Colombo road, Kurana

A one-stop shop on the way to/from airport or to your getaway.

Finding good places to get food when you're on a trip is probably one of the hardest things ever. Recently, we happened to face one such dilemma and that's how we stumble upon Sasha Food Court in Kurana. 

Sasha Food Courts are a series of food courts in and around Colombo that offers any passer-by a safe, clean, well-equipped space with parking to get a meal on the go without having to worry about indigestion. 


The first thing that hits you about Sasha Food Court is the sheer size of it. Spanning the width of a giant room, the food court has everything from Sri Lankan food to cakes in the bakery section to a full section dedicated to just fresh fruit juices. 

With plastic/metal seating, fans and a couple of TV's with cartoons and sports playing in the background, the ambience at Sasha Food Court was pretty basic. That being said, we think you should know that it's clean. Like, there's a lady with a broom that's just cleaning up after customers the full time. 

Nonetheless, with comfortable enough seating that's available in large quantities, we couldn't find anything to really complain about in terms of ambience. Plus, they have children's play area in one of the corners. It wasn't functioning during our visit, but, it's always cool to see these kinds of arcade-style games in the most unexpected places, noh?


From the more Lankan options like string hoppers and kiri maalu to baked goods to noodles to rice, the list of things that are available at Sasha Food Court is endless. Given that we went during breakfast, we got a bunch of options off the Lankan side. 

We kicked things off with the Dosa and curries (Rs. 240 for 2). Positively ginormous in size, the 2 dosas came covering the plate. Fluffy and soft, they had a slight tanginess to it so you know it wasn't predominantly made up of wheat flour. The curries were the perfect accompaniment to it - with a coconut creaminess coming through with the dhal curry and the spicy kicks coming from the sambol. It's not a bad option to go with if you're not looking for something heavy, and it wasn't a bad dosa, honestly. 

The most expensive dish of the day was this, the Chopped egg rotti (3 for 180) with Kiri Maalu (Rs. 210). The egg rotti was nicely thick and perfectly cooked through, while the kiri maalu was deliciously creamy with a tiny spicy kicks. So, we consider the whole thing to be pretty much a success.

But, Rs. 390 is a bit expensive for egg rotti, don't you think? However, Sasha Food Court is far from stingy when it comes to the helping of gravy they give and given how good the kiri maalu was, we're gonna say it's worth it. 

Buddika opted for the String Hoppers and Miris Maalu (Rs. 320 for 20). Slinky and thin, the string hoppers were perhaps the biggest disappointment of our experience here. However, the curries that accompanied it were brilliant.

The miris maalu came with 2 pieces of deliciously spicy fish and the dhal curry was spicy in just the right way to tone down the rest of the curries but added a little something to the whole thing.

And the pol sambol was simply excellent! Instead of the usual pol sambol, Sasha Food Court makes a kochchi sambol that was beautifully packed with kochchi. It's not everywhere you find kochchi sambol and we adored it! 

The final item of food on our list was this beautiful creature, the Red Rice with Kiri Maalu (Rs. 240). Served with an abundance of curries from chickpea, spicy dhal to tempered spring onions, and creamy dhal curry as well as the kochchi sambol, the red rice and curry was a dream come true in every sense of the phrase.

Spicy, creamy with just the right amount of flavours, we absolutely loved this one! The plate comes with a mountain of fluffy, steaming red rice and combined with the rest of the curries, Sasha Food Court managed to deliver one of the nicest rice and curries we've had in a very long time. 

Given how it was morning, we had to get tea. Thus winding up with these two, the Plain Coffee (Rs. 50) and the Milk Tea (Rs. 70). The Plain coffee was essentially just normal Harischandra Coffee left to brew in hot water. So, if you're expecting anything fancy, don't.

The milk tea, on the other hand, went along the same lines. Milky and average in every possible sense, it was okay. We should probably let you know that we asked for a wadi kahata milk tea with the ordinary milk tea and they both came out the same. 


The service at Sasha Food Court was a mix of good and bad. There were instances when the staff was very very attentive and other moments where we couldn't get anyone to take our order. But, given the fact that it was a pretty busy time for them, we'd have to look over it. 


In conclusion, we liked it. The place is clean and maintained quite well, there's ample amounts of parking, the food, although expensive fell into the same boat and the experience as a whole proved to be more positive than negative. 


Go for the naans!