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Sweet Wishes by Vish

No. 5 Moor's Road, Colombo 6

Sweet Wishes by Vish is a veteran among Colombo homebakers. Her bakes have survived the test of time and her new stuff and savouries taste delicious.

After reviewing Munchkin's French Macarons we received a tip directing us to another home baker: Sweet Wishes by Vish. We hadn't heard of Vish before but she seems to be extremely popular and well known - her Facebook Page has over 8000 likes.

So we ordered macarons again. A box of 10 with an assortment chocolate & mint, coffee & Nutella and raspberry & coconut came to Rs. 990 - significantly cheaper than Munchkin, whose box of 10 costs about Rs. 1400 (varies slightly depending on flavours, filling, etc.)

We really wanted to like these macarons. We'd heard so much, and Vish was so lovely, but unfortunately they just weren't quite to our taste. The texture was a bit off and overall they were a little too sweet - but then this is probably fine if you're used to the daily four-sugar-milk-tea. The coffee and Nutella ones were the best, but the chocolate and mint was, to quote my sister, 'a bit toothpastey'.

As we said in the last post, achieving the perfect macaron isn't easy. But these ones do seem pretty popular even if we're not the biggest fans. If you like your macarons bright (as opposed to the usual pastel hues) and sweet, Vish is your girl. Also check out the rest of her menu which looks quite promising. We'll be back to try out the red velvet cupcakes.


The Facebook page has their menu if you're looking to order.


No. 5 Moor's Road, Colombo 6


The Sweet Wishes bakeshop is located at the top half of Moor's Road, off Galle Road in Weallawatte


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Between Rs. 1000 - Rs. 1500

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