Takeout Lanka

House 33A, Dr. Lester James Peiris Mawatha, Dickmans Rd, 00500

Bangladesh's favourite Burger joint is now available in Sri Lanka. The burgers are tasty and we love it.

Takeout, for those of you who aren't already aware of it, is a franchise restaurant from Bangladesh that breezed into the burger scene in Colombo around a year ago. Back then, they were quite alright at best. 

But, fast forward a few months, a new location and a whole different menu, they've changed a lot and we're pretty happy with the way things turned out. 


Taking over the venue of Let's Taco, Takeout Lanka's ambience is pretty nice. 

With a couple of comfy, colourful sofas outside and a bunch of tables and chairs on the in, the ambience at Takeout was heaps better than the ambience at most other franchise burger places in Colombo. 

A bunch of tables and chairs neatly packed into a small room, it tends to feel crowded quite easily, mainly because the room itself isn't very spacious. But, that being said, it's still a lot better than the normal plastic chairs and hordes of people staple we generally manage to encounter in burger places. 

The Burgers

Ranging between beef and chicken, there are around 6-8 burgers of both kinds you could go with when given the chance. 

The Beef Cheese Delight (Rs. 600) came out as a giant patty of beautifully ground up beef sandwiched between veggies, sauce and a delicately moist burger bun. The picture may make it look small, but, we're happy to say that it's not. It's honestly quite big - probably not as big as the burger at Peppermint, but, pretty big nonetheless. 

Toasty enough to get a slight crunch and showered with sesame seeds, the burger bun itself was pretty much the first hint that a lot has changed in Takeout since our last visit. Moist and so soft, we loved it. Served with a couple of slices of tomato, onion, lettuce and cheese, this Beef Cheese Delight was truly a delight. 

The reason we dedicate this paragraph to the patty was that it genuinely deserved it. I mean, look how big it is. Perfectly grounded beef with slight hints of seasoning that didn't really mess up the taste of the beef, this was one of the nicest patty's we've had in a while. 

The Double the Chicken (Rs. 750) was the biggest chicken burger on the menu. Served as 2 thick slices of grilled chicken, two layers of chicken pepperoni all assembled together in 2 burger buns with a stream of veggies, sauce and cheese, this was perfection.

We opted for the"Extra Spicy" setting and were granted exactly what we asked for. Spicy enough for you to keep reaching out for your milkshake but not so spicy that you completely give up on it, it was great. Packed with flavour, the grilled chicken was a tad tough with bits of charcoal to give a slight bitterness to it. And combined with the 2 layers of cheese and super fresh veggies, it's worth the 750. The last time we got fries, we weren't necessarily blown away. But, the Large Fries (Rs. 300) turned out to be pretty much the same store-bought fries as last time just in a much bigger quantity that was showered with chilli flakes and salt. Flavoured to perfection, golden brown and all in all perfect, the fries at Takeout glowed up and we're all for it. Plus, combined with that sweet buttery sauce, it's a match made in heaven y'all. 

Pictured above: Chocolate Addiction (L), Oreo Milkshake (R)

We're gonna be honest, the Chocolate Addiction (Rs. 450) was as far from a chocolate addiction as it could possibly get. Predominantly milky and having very little chocolate involved, it wasn't that impressive.

The Oreo Milkshake(Rs. 500), on the other hand, was superb. With Giant chunks of Oreos that kept getting stuck in the straw and enough of the blended kind to keep the taste going strong, we loved it. 

The Velvet Strawberry (Rs. 500) fell along the same lines as the Chocolate Addiction. Milky and tasting like strawberry ice cream and not much else, it has room for improvement. 


The service we received at Takeout Lanka was brilliant. The staff was super welcoming and helpful throughout. They kept checking on us to make sure that we're having a pleasant dining experience. 


Takeout Lanka has come a long way since our first review and we're really happy with the way things have turned out for them. We'd happily recommend them. 


Get the Goa Lemon (drink) with the Beef Cheese Delight (burger). The flavour contrast is amazing.


House 33A, Dr. Lester James Peiris Mawatha, Dickmans Rd, 00500


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