Tang Dynasty

75, Dickmans Road, Colombo 05

Tang Dynasty used to be one of the most authentic Chinese restos we've been to. The interior is cosy, easy on the eyes and the food is good too.

Tang Dynasty is one of the newer Chinese restaurants in town that serves up authentic Chinese cuisine. You've probably passed by their premises without ever noticing, as they've got a pretty humble location on Dickman's Road. Their menu is quite extensive, covering the cuisines of quite a few regions with a good deal of dishes that suit the Sri Lankan palate, though they aren't by any means Sri Lankanized. We dropped in for dinner and had the smoothest dining experience.

Ambiance & Service

The interior at Tang is quite a treat to the eyes as it's well lit and ornamented tastefully. There's nothing over the top about the decor, which we appreciate because some Chinese restaurants really go too far (see China Manor). This would be a great spot for a date night, or if you just want to indulge someone on their birthday or any other special occasion.

When they started up, their staff was mostly Chinese, but now they have well-trained Sri Lankan staff that know the menu well. They are prompt and polite, hovering just out of sight to make sure you have everything you need. 


With their menu being as large as it is, ordering can be a bit daunting if you're not too familiar with Chinese cuisine. Don't hesitate to ask your waiter, as he will be more than happy to make recommendations. While a lot of the dishes are priced above Rs 2888, if you look carefully, you'll find a few gems priced under Rs 1000.

We ordered small portions of the Dried Fried Rice Noodles with Beef (Rs 568), Griddle Pork with Black Fungus (Rs 688), and the Kung Pao Shrimp (Rs 768) on the recommendation of the waiter. The food arrived in what felt like 10 minutes. They brought out all the dishes at once, including the pork and black fungus that came with a live cooking station. The food looked great and smelled amazing, so it was quite difficult not to dig in before taking photographs.

Let's start with the noodles. I love noodles. These are easily up there amongst my favourite noodle dishes. There was plenty for two, and the noodles were very flavourful with a meatier soy sauce going on. I'm usually not a fan of beef dishes, but the beef in this dish was plentiful, tender and juicy. This alone would have made for a satisfying meal and we hadn't even gotten to the side dishes yet.

Still cooking at our table, the pork and black fungus was a pretty sight to behold. If you've never experienced this, it's a godayata magic effect. The cilantro worked as a contrast, visually, as well as a bright kick, taste-wise. Melting in your mouth, the fatty bits of pork go really well with the black fungus. At times, black fungus can be too firm and crunchy, almost like cartilage. Instead, this was a succulent treat. 

Finally, we went at the shrimp, and, man, were they good. The sauce on this really rounded out the whole experience, both when enjoying the shrimp on its own as well as when mixed in with the other dishes. It has a strong spiciness with a mild sweet and sour running right through. The shrimp were cooked just right, so they weren't a rubbery disaster, thankfully. I don't even like peanuts but I appreciated how they worked in the context of this dish. Definitely would order this again. Actually, I'd probably go for this exact combo!


This was the smoothest dining experience I've had in Colombo in a long time, and I'm just going to have to give Tang Dynasty five stars for their service and fare. The food is authentic, the interior is tasteful and the service is polite and prompt. Though a lot of their dishes are priced rather steep, based on the execution of the dishes we ordered, we think they are probably worth it. If you order wisely, you can easily feast for two for Rs 2,700, after tax and service charge. 


Call and reserve a room upstairs, they're much cooler than downstairs. Also to be more economical, consider the Normal meat/veg dishes as enough for 3 when ordering, and go Large for just rice/noodles.


75, Dickmans Road, Colombo 05


It's on Dickman's Road, right before the De Fonseka Road turn-off (when coming from Havelock Road).