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Tea Talk

343, Park Road, Colombo05

Tea Talk has got rooms, a restaurant and bikes for hire!

Perched along Park Road is Tea Talk, a bed and breakfast hotel that has a restaurant serving a limited range of food and tea drinks.

Food and Drinks

We settled for an evening snack of Chicken Spring Rolls (Rs 290) accompanied by a Mango Tea Shake (Rs 200) and a Lemon + Lemongrass Iced Tea (Rs 150). 

The Chicken Spring Rolls were nice and crispy as they had been freshly fried. It was packed with chicken and just as I spoke about how chickeny the spring roll was, I came across a bone. Jinxed my happiness and my roll.

 But on the whole, it was a tasty portion of spring rolls. Not sure if I would pay 96.67 rupees for a spring roll each though.

Our fancy iced tea and shake arrived in tall, fancy glasses.

The Iced Tea was something you'd order if you hated Iced Tea - it tasted like iced water with a hint of tea and no hint of any flavour. Basically, the Lemon + Lemongrass Iced Tea was nothing great. 

The Mango Tea Shake, in contrast, was a lot better than the Iced Tea, even though it tasted of mango flavoured milk tea. A little too much on the milky side and mildly cool, this shake would have made its way to be a really refreshing drink had it been super chilled. A few tapioca balls would have made it an excellent contender for yum bubble tea.

Ambience and Service

You are welcomed by the bikes at the entrance (THESE BIKES ARE FOR HIRE! YAY! Rs. 200 AN HOUR! #BIKERKELLOS).

Tea Talk has a little tea shop embedded with tea boxes, which paints a really colourful picture until you enter the restaurant where the colour dies, like my motivation to study. 

The restaurant is all brown and cream (and empty, or at least, at the time we went). The seating arrangement is pretty queer with a couch facing the outdoor area and one facing the wall (a spot for the antisocials? Or for the couples hiding from aunties?).

There's an outdoor area which is quite nice with plants thrown around and some light bulbs with some green water inside. Quite chilled.

The staff members aren't rude or ill mannered, they're just not very invested and take a while to show up, and don't communicate very well.

The Rooms 

The coolest thing about the rooms here is that they are named after Sri Lanka's hilly spots. You can sleep in Nuwara Eliya, Dimbula, Ruhuna, Uva and Kandy under one roof.

Set in green and beige hues, their spacious rooms are well furnished with a kitchen and a nice bathroom. I was told their suites are priced at $85 and $99 with breakfast. Perfect for a hilly getaway without really getting away.


Their rooms are really nice and big, but their restaurant is just okay. They live mainly on bed and breakfast guests, but if you want to meet someone without a nosy relative seeing you, Tea Talk's restaurant might help to save the gossip talk.


They have bicycles for hire!


343, Park Road, Colombo05


When you turn into Park Road from Havelock Town, keep going straight until you're a few buildings before Lanka Hospitals.


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