The Colombo Swimming Club

148 Galle Road, Kollupitiya, Colombo 3

It’s called the swimming club, so this ought to be a good place for a swim - and it is. Apart from splashing it out in the pool, you can also dive into their excellent club-level food.

It’s called the swimming club, so this ought to be a good place for a swim - and it is. The pool isn’t going to win any awards for design, but its large, and just feet from sea. Once again though the pool might be the only place on the club’s terrace from where you don’t get a sea view, but you do get an eyeful of the old club house and the Colpetty’s skyline while you’re splashing about.

More than just splashing, however, as it’s 30 meters long and rectangular so you can get some proper swimming done here and even work on entering the pool with a nice smooth dive in the adequately deep, deep end.

A day at the swimming club pool also means you benefit from the club’s other amenities: the library, its various bars and restaurants, and most importantly, club-priced food and drink (lime soda Rs. 90, Beer Rs. 200). For a family day out there’s also a large shallow kiddies pool far removed from the dangerous depths of the main pool.

A good-sized pool in the heart of the city, more homely than a hotel pool and with an old world feel the CSC has to rank high on any list of Colombo’s aquatic venues. However, its rather far from being open to the public. To enter you need to be a member (Rs. 200, 000), know a member, be able to impersonate a member or run past the reception desk and then use an arbitrary number 1217w, for example, to place your orders…

It's probably worth it..

Good for: Swimming, well priced-food- and a more laid back and private atmospohere

Bad for: General accessibility (new memberships are currently suspended)

Beer Rs. 200, Club Sandwich Rs. 400


They also do brilliant devilled dishes.


148 Galle Road, Kollupitiya, Colombo 3


Directly opposite The Prime Minister's residence at Temple Trees and passed the Indian and American embassies.


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