The Happy Baker

60A 1/1, B94, Dehiwala-Mount Lavinia

A home-based cook that whips up an interesting range of snacks.

The Happy Baker is a home-based venture that serves up a range of snacks with interesting flavour combos. 


They have items like kiribath, kade paan, waffles, paratha and egg muffins and most of them are stuffed with some interesting fillings made with different meats - pork, mutton, chicken and mackerel. But they are not limited to that either - you can find a couple of desserts, hot dogs, pasta here as well. Plus, by the looks of it, they are expanding the menu by the day.

However, they run out really, really fast. So make sure you order them at least by 7.30 AM. 

After much anticipation, we managed to score a Chicken Sausages & Cheese Muffins  (Rs. 600), Crispy Waffle Sandwich With Mackerel & Cheese (Rs. 750), Soft Waffle Sandwich With Bacon & Cheese (Rs. 800) and Grilled Kade Paan With Pork Sausage Baduma (Rs. 600). 

Let's start with the favourites - the Chicken Sausages & Cheese Muffins, which were beautiful, puffy and had topped off with bits of sausages and onions. It was cheesy to the very end and oozing out the creamy-eggy flavour. The whole muffin had a very smooth texture, with bits and pieces of sausages and onions making it even more interesting. Rich in flavour and quite filling for a muffin - we loved it. The Grilled Kade Paan had a nice crisp on the outside with a filling that was almost falling out of its bready enclosure. There were enough pieces of pork sausages to go around, while the bits of green chilli added a bit of heat. Sadly, the sausages didn’t carry a lot of flavours but the hints of cheese it had somewhat made up for it.

You can get both soft and crispy waffles from them - which you have to specify when you order. Unfortunately, the crispy waffle sandwich was more on the soft side than what we expected and didn’t have any crispness to it. Maybe being wrapped in a tin foil for its journey made it so? We don’t know. 

Other than that, the filling in the waffle was quite generous. Each bite was packed with an abundance of fishy flavours that can be too much if you take it in too fast. 

We were quite excited for a Soft Waffle Sandwich With Bacon & Cheese. By the time we got it out of the tinfoils, the oils from the bacon were all over the place making things a bit complicated. We had to dab it with a tissue to handle the waffles first.  

The waffle itself was softer than we expected and felt a bit undercooked. Still, generous is an understatement to the amount of bacon in the filling because there was so much of it. The bacon was cooked well and the melted cheese made the mix more interesting. 

How To

They solely operate from their home and all the operations are managed by an enthusiastic couple. They are available in UberEats as of now, and you can put up a pre-order and pick it up from their home as well. Anyway, keep in mind that they sell out so fast, so you have to be quick with your ordering. 


It's an expensive option, but, given that they're super generous with their fillings, we cannot quite complain. With a bit of tweak here and there, they can improve and become a lot better. They've got you covered with a multitude of flavour combos, which is something we really appreciate. 


60A 1/1, B94, Dehiwala-Mount Lavinia


Currently, they are only available on UberEats.



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Asian Sri Lankan

Price Range

Between Rs. 1000 - Rs. 1500

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Eggs Pasta Beef Pork Fish Sandwiches Waffles Chocolate

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