The Manchester

100/10 Independence Avenue, Colombo (Next to Agra)

Occupying the former Agra bar, Shimmer, the Manchester dons the mantle of the previously Indian themed space, changing pretty much nothing except its name.

Tucked away in between a nice leafy cluster of trees and the Indian restaurant Agra, you'll find a dodgy little pub  - The Manchester. It's a great place to drop by with friends and get the rowdy on, laugh out loud and not have to be all uptight and uneasy. Basically it's a pretty chill place to hang out at. They've got a lot of weekly events on as well, like Wednesday Quiz Nights, or Open Mic Nights. They're also generally a good spot to catch a match with the boys.

Interior & Ambience

Walking in through the short passage I noticed that it was dark and pretty shady but they'd strung up some fairy lights here and there to ease any paranoia you might experience because everybody knows fairy lights immediately make anything look and feel more innocent. The inside of the pub itself is bathed in dim, warm lighting and is very cosy.

You can sit at tall wooden tables with high chairs or get comfy on leather couches in the corners. One little detail that I noticed and really really liked was that they'd hung up beer bottles and multi coloured fairy lights, a great way to recycle old bottles and a pretty nifty idea for decoration. 
It's a really popular bar, there's tons of people having a good time there. If anything it's very snug and inviting.


So we got ourselves a Whiskey Sour (Rs.900), a Mojito (Rs.800) and two cans of Lion Lager (Rs.300 a pop) AND YASS LION IS BACK, HOW EXCITING IS THAT!?

The Whiskey Sour was great. It had a great amount of booze in it and the 'sour' was just right. It wasn't overly sugary in fact there was just the slightest tinge of sugar to perfectly match the tang in unison. A must-have if you go there.

The Mojito was crisp and refreshing. It didn't have a strong boozy accent to it which made you wonder exactly how much alcohol you're getting in your glass but whatever, it tasted great.



Since we were out having fun it would have been a shame to not get some bites to go with our drinks. We got ourselves a plate of Potato Wedges (Rs.550), a plate of Chicken Tikka kebabs (Rs.900) and a portion of Devilled Meatballs (Rs.800).

The wedges were your basic potato wedges accompanied with a dish of tomato sauce. They were nice and hot, crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. Makes for a great dish if you just want something quick and simple. 

The Chicken Tikka though whoooo boy, all the bits of chicken on that plate were unbelievably fall-off-the-bone tender, salted and spiced to perfection and had the most satisfactory hint of smokiness to them. I could easily have polished off about five (hundred) portions of this. It was a little pricey at Rs. 900 though!

The Devilled Meatballs weren't anything to sob with happiness about, they were your average meatballs served with a generous helping of spicy sauce, peppers and onions because if you're going to sabotage your digestive system and get the gastritis going with that much spice you should be going all the way. 


Since we went there on a busy evening, flagging a waiter down was a bit of a task because like some rare pokemon they were pretty elusive, in range of sight one minute and suddenly gone the next. You need to be a little louder when you decide to call for them because the music is on full blast. They were pretty cheerful and seemed to know their way around the menu which is always, always a bonus.


The Manchester is a great place to enjoy a loud night out with friends, and their drinks are really good. The area around is nice and quiet too so it makes for a fun experience overall.


Good papaya juice. And yummy mayo.


100/10 Independence Avenue, Colombo (Next to Agra)


Manchester is behind Agra, which is near Independence Square. From Independence Ave, turn down the road past the National Library Board. Then turn left and immediately right again, down Foundation Ave.


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Open until 01:00 AM

Price Range

Between Rs. 500 - Rs. 1000

Dish Types

Fish And Chips

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