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The Travelling Food Tuk

Ethul Kotte, Colombo (Delivery)

The Travelling Food Tuk is a lunch-delivery place - the food is home-made, gourmet even, and the prices not too bad.

The Travelling Food Tuk is an awesome new place that delivers home-made lunch to you, made with quality ingredients. They've got a new meal up for grabs each day, and as far as we can see so far, they have a new line-up of food every week. Follow the TFT Facebook page to keep up.

The Food

We made our orders on Tuesday 4th and Wednesday 5th, so we got a roast chicken sandwich on the first day and fish biriyani on the second day. Some of the other dishes they've served that sound mouth-watering include buttery chicken pasta with fresh pesto, Vietnamese honeyed chicken stir fry, and fried onion rice with chilli chicken curry.


Our roast chicken sandwich tasted amazeballs. It cost Rs. 490 and with delivery charges came up to Rs. 640. Now you might ask, 640 bucks for a little sandwich? Come on.


That's a personal call. You have to keep in mind these aren't your average recipes. You might spend about Rs. 500 on a sandwich at Panino's for example, which aren't your average sandwiches either, but if I had to compare, these are better. This one was full of big chunks of softly roasted chicken, some fresh rocket leaves, and an amazing creamy garlic sauce. It was the brown bread that really made the difference though.

She told us on the day we got it that the bread is usually sliced thicker than this and someone in the kitchen messed that up, so the typical thicker loaves would probably make a difference in terms of quantity. We were pretty sad when this was over in a few minutes and wanted more (do not order just one if you're going to go for it).


On Wednesday we got 'saffron infused biriyani' with 'Keralan' fish curry. I've never tried fish biriyani before so I had my doubts. At Rs. 550, it actually tasted good. I liked how the potatoes were stir fried (with peanuts) so they were soft at the center and fried on the outside, and mostly, the fish and the tamarind-date chutney made an unexpectedly delicious combo.


If you like fish, this is a good biriyani to try out.

Delivery & Service


You have to order by 4PM, one day before you want your food. Service was quite on-time, and we liked the cute hand-written messages on our food packets.

Delivery happens only between 11.30AM and 2.00PM. Yashasvi Kannangara, the chef and founder of The Travelling Food Tuk, delivers personally up to Bambalapitiya and Kotte. Delivery is free in Kotte, Rajagiriya, Borella and Colombo 7, and otherwise the charges are for about Rs. 100-150. No delivery to Nugegoda, Wellawatte or beyond Dematagoda (sorry, you poor fellows living there).



The food by the Travelling Food Tuk is very tasty and quite obviously from Yashasvi's personal recipe book. The costs aren't your average lunch prices, for around Rs. 550 to Rs. 650, but neither is the food they offer. So if you feel like sampling some very personalized home-made lunch, which we have to say from our experience has quality for cost, then call up The Travelling Food Tuk.


Apparently you can get super chocolatey desserts on Thursdays - check her Facebook page 'Chocolicious by Yashasvi Kannangara'.


Ethul Kotte, Colombo (Delivery)


Delivery is free in Kotte, Rajagiriya, Borella and Colombo 7, and otherwise the charges are for about Rs. 100-150. No delivery to Nugegoda, Wellawatte or beyond Dematagoda



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Open 11:30 AM to 2:00 PM (Call by 4PM on previous day)

Price Range

Between Rs. 500 - Rs. 1000

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