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An "app" for hailing tuktuks, ostensibly. It doesn't work.

If we could give this "app" 0 stars, we would. We tried downloading it on both iOS and Android, and both were spectacular failures. Despite the Tuk Tuk marketing team insisting, "failure is one of the pillars of success", this is not the case. Here's a quick look at me trying to hail a cab from office. I'm not really used to using an Apple device, so please ignore my manic typing. I was, in fact, trying to search for Galle Road. Not Fall Roaf.

So, while we'd give them 0 stars for existence, we'd give them 5 stars for entertainment value. I am entirely convinced that the app is created either by a subversive comic genius, or by the chaps at PickMe to remind everyone what a great job they're doing in comparison. They've managed to simultaneously sympathize with racist ideology, spout complete nonsense, use the photos of foreign women (Tuk Tuk Kella) without permission, attack other cab-hailing companies, all while being completely unusable themselves. Another 5 stars for multi tasking.

Their corporate objectives include "elimination of poverty" and "discipline tuk drivers", which is a delightful melange of World Bank meets 50 Shades of Grey. We genuinely have no idea what their marketing strategy is, but if you have almost 20,000 page likes, pretty high post engagement, and lots of drama, without actually having an usable product, you're essentially winning at the soap opera of Lankan life. However, if you actually want to hail a tuk, it serves no purpose. We've tried over 10 times, at different locations and times, and haven't actually got a single tuk.

Basically, don't bother downloading this. It doesn't work. 


Never use this. But go to their FB page for some lols.

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