Verandah Bistro & Bar

200 Union Place, Colombo 2

The Verandah Bistro is a lesser known hotel restaurant on the third floor of the Hilton Residences. It does average hotel food with a nice poolside view.

Verandah is a bistro and bar on the third floor of Hilton Residencies that's got a decent view of the construction that surrounds it, as well as two swimming pools. It's quite a chilled out spot where you're unlikely to bump into anyone you know, so it's a good hide out. We dropped in for drinks and dinner, and were quite taken aback by the bill. 

Service & Ambiance

The staff at Verandah are super nice and will totally let you be. You can ask them for recommendations and they will gladly oblige. They don't hover about to see if you're ready to order, but wait until you signal at them. Ambience wise, this place looks pretty cool at night time with their blue lighting theme going on. The pools look electric but the tables are quite dimly lit so you feel like you have your privacy. It's a nice vibe.


We were recommended the Bull Frog (Rs 2000) and we asked for the Long Island Iced Tea (Rs 1725). The Bull Frog was super boozy and quite pretty to look at, with a distinct blue layer at the bottom standing out from the mostly green drink. Stir it up and it's properly blue and will get you tipsy pretty fast. Our Long Island wasn't as boozy, which was disappointing, and just tasted quite sweet. Better to avoid that. Note that the prices we've mentioned are not the list prices but the actual price on the bill, and these are among the most expensive cocktails we've paid for.


For bites, we tried their Hot Butter Cuttlefish (Rs 1050). You get a sizeable portion and it's quite flavourful, though it's also super oily.

It kind of reminds you of gelabi, somehow, in the way that the batter is crisp and glossy. You don't get that coarse MSG kick that most HBC's hit you with, which is a welcome omission, though we're sure it's working its magic in there somewhere.

Our main was an American Burger (Rs 1200) that came with two beef patties, bacon, a bulls eye and cheese. Although a little messy to eat, it was super good. The patties were super juicy and bacon makes everything better, especially when you've got a runny yolk in the mix. 


Though we really enjoyed the vibe and the food at Verandah, the bill came to Rs 7444 after tax, which made our stomachs turn. It's a hefty price to pay for two drinks, a main and a side dish, so we're not sure if we'll be going back anytime soon. The place really is suited for a casual night out, but unless you're comfortable with the price, there's nothing casual about the expense.



They have a lunchtime buffet


200 Union Place, Colombo 2


Head down Union Place (from the ODEL junction) and the Hilton Residences (formerly JAIC) is on your left, past the KFC.


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