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No 184/5, Devala Road, Thalangama South,Battaramulla

A home-baker that serves a range of desserts including Watalappan, Chocolate biscuit pudding, and Jelly custard, etc. has been around for over 4 years now. We recognised them during our Sinhala review in 2016, and back then, our experience was all right. They did some okay watalappan, and we didn't hate them. 
However, this time around, our experience is a lot different from what we expected. Here's why.

The Desserts

Despite the name, they do a few other desserts, like Chocolate Biscuit Pudding and Caramel Pudding. We ordered one from each through PickMe Food.

This is the Watalappan (Rs. 80 for 80g cup). Reminiscing the flavours and texture of what we had in 2016, it was all right. With hints of cloves and cardamon seeping through, it was a tad too sweet, and tasted and looked like one of those generic watalappan cups you usually get in your nearby buth kadey. Nothing remarkable, but works out well if you want something sweet to end your meal.

This sad cup of Caramel Pudding (Rs. 80 for 80g) was a letdown. We tried only two spoonfuls of this, because the rest of our team didn't want to try it out after seeing the horror in our faces. Giving off a weird rotten flavour, probably because it had been sitting inside a fridge for a decade, it's one disappointing dessert.
At a glance, the Chocolate Biscuit Pudding (Rs. 100 for 80g) looked ordinary. But it was no different from the Caramel Pudding.

I had to try it out, for the sake of this review. Sogged up to the point that you cannot quite tell whether it's biscuit or mushed up something else, it was way too sweet, and honestly, not very appetising.


While we managed to finish the watalappan, we had to throw out the rest. If you absolutely must order from, we'd suggest getting the watalappan. Stay away from the rest.


Ensure to place your order one day in advance.


No 184/5, Devala Road, Thalangama South,Battaramulla


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Between Rs. 1000 - Rs. 1500


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