Whight & Co

Marine Drive and Aloe Avenue, Colombo 3

Whight & Co is amazing for coffee. They've got Cold Drip down to a science. The food is alright, too.

*Relocated to One Galle Face Mall.

Quality local coffee in Colombo means Whight & Co. While there has been competition coming up lately, and Whight itself has dropped in quality in other areas (some attentive service please?), this is still among the best coffee in town. Usually, food here hasn’t really been as good as it’s coffee but this time we had some really excellent victuals.

The Coffee

If you're here, there’s a must-have caffeine trifecta; the Pour Over (Rs.450), the Cold Drip (Rs.450) and the Vietnamese Ca phe sua da (Rs.440). Made with Whight’s own Sri Lankan coffee, these are strong, distinctive and aromatic. These aren’t your mass produced packets of pseudo-coffee that you need to douse in sugar to drink. These are perfectly brewed and can be enjoyed as is, even if they do provide milk and sugar.

The exception would be the Ca phe sua da. The sweetness of the condensed milk balancing out the strong taste of the coffee make for a great experience.

The Food

I’ll be honest, I was not a fan of Whight’s food menu in the past. Expensive and bland in most cases, it just wasn’t worth ordering. This time though we found a really great combination.

We genuinely enjoyed the special croissants. It’s quite large for a croissant and it’s light, fluffy and buttery. We ordered it with bacon, egg and cheese (Rs.650) and it was so delicious. The bacon and egg. Not the cheese, which was essentially a packeted cheese slice from a supermarket, which is unfortunate because it really did a disservice to the rest of the delicious dish. The generous portion of fries was firm and crunchy, as was the salad. 

The Toffee sundae (Rs.500) is a giant glass of milk, chocolate, ice cream, coffee topped off with whipped cream, toffee coated popcorn and a cherry. This is a meal all by itself and is really good value for money. Having a slight taste of strong coffee come through the milk and chocolate really makes this unique, and we loved it.

The Cookie Ice Cream sandwich (Rs.480) however was so-so. It’s not terrible, but there really wasn’t anything about to make it special or worth the price. The cookies were too tough to break by spoon as well. Props for the presentation though.


Whight’s coffee is still the main reason to go there, but we were pretty impressed by the food on our last visit. Service though is still rather inattentive, so be prepared for a wait till your hunger is sated.


Get one of the good seats with a view.


Marine Drive and Aloe Avenue, Colombo 3


It's on the Colpetty side of Marine Drive. From Galle Road, go past the McDonald's and turn down Aloe Avenue just past ACBT. On Marine Drive it's between the Marina Casino on the North and Arabian Knights on the south.


Open until 11:00 PM

Price Range

Between Rs. 500 - Rs. 1000

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