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Yum Yum Fine Foods

200 Park Rd, Colombo 05

Yum Yum does a huge range of imported nuts and candies. Everything from dried kiwis to marshmallows to almonds to nachos.

No matter how old you are, walking into a candy store will always bring out the kid inside of us. That's exactly how we felt when we walked into Yum Yum.


DSCF0938 Last month we visited Candy Planet and we were really impressed with their range of products, so heading over to Yum Yum we knew we'd be making comparisons, but we were happy to see that they were equally impressive. They've got the ever popular range of gummy bears, sour worms, sour tape and assorted marshmallows, all of which are priced at Rs. 260 for 100g which is quite a bit cheaper compared to Candy Planet (at Rs. 350 for 100g). They informed us that most of their gummy candies were imported from Europe. Now we did taste some differences between the gummy candies from the two stores, so some may prefer one over the other.




One thing we really liked was the fact that they allow you to mix any type of candies within the same price range. So you could grab a bag with a little bit of everything.


They also have a range of chocolate coated nuts, riceballs and almonds at Rs.480 per 100g.




Besides those they've got a whole range of imported chocolates like Oreos, Kitkat, Nutella and Cadbury with flavours and variations which you don't come across elsewhere. They've also got a a great range of flavours of Pringles with large cans at Rs. 350 which is actually cheaper than at super markets.


Oh yeah, did we also mention that they've got Skittles and Twizzlers?

Service & Ambience

The staff at Yum Yum were very welcoming, had a great knowledge of all the products and took the time to answer any questions that new customers had about the products. We liked the fact that they insist customers sample any candy before purchasing it, so that they won't be disappointed later. The store itself is quite spacious and has a white and purple theme going for it, with all the different candies adding a burst of colours.


We think it's great that candy stores are gaining popularity in Colombo. Specially places like Yum Yum which actually offers international candy at affordable rates, in a time where imported products are taxed like crazy.


They moved here from Dehiwala.


200 Park Rd, Colombo 05


On Galle Road, Yum Yum is just before Majestic City (on the opposite side), near Amrithaa's and Majestic Electric.



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Between Rs. 200 - Rs. 500

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