14 Types Of People In Home-quarantine

No offence, but which one are you?

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Sri Lanka is taking baby steps towards getting back to normalcy, but that still leaves a lot of us at home, in home-quarantine. We've been doing many things to keep us occupied during this time, which led us to make this list of different personalities we've been seeing throughout this period.
This is just for fun, guys, no offence meant!

The New Chef

Spends most of his/her time scrolling through the cooking channels on YouTube and managing the newly launched Instagram account solely dedicated to their recipes.

If you're one of them, make sure you post your kitchen adventures with the hashtag #yamuquarantinecookoff for a shoutout on YAMU

The "Joey"

If there's a New Chef, there's a Joey too. Joey is probably the reason why this New Chef was made. He/She doesn't share food, is curvy, and likes it. 

The Fitness Guru

Fitness is the cure. Not only he/she does workout, but also he/she is not hesitant to share them on social media. A lot of smoothie bowls, salads and veggies on the feed too.

The Analyst

Chases away their quarantine blues by crunching the numbers related to this pandemic, making predictions and projecting them on charts.

The News Re-reporter

You know all those news alerts you get from various media channels? This kind enjoys forwarding them to everyone they know. Their Facebook feed is basically a timeline of everything happened since the 16th of March.

The "Monica"


Deals with quarantine trauma by excessive cleaning because you can never be too careful. So everything is "not just clean, Monica clean."

The Sleeper

It's the 21st-century "Kumbhakarna." Zzz.

Werk, Werk, Werk

Not sure what the reason is, but they were less busy when they were working from the office.

The Gamer

A lot of curse words. Survives on junk food snacks and fizzed up drinks. Comes out of their room for bathroom breaks only.

The Reader

Believes that Book + Coffee/Tea + Some Snacks = Perfection. Probably the easiest kind on this list to deal with.

The Positivist

Despite the rising numbers, this fella is weirdly cool and optimistic about the effects of this pandemic. Would love to know about the chill pill he/she's taking because we all could use a couple of those.

The Political Know-It-All

Nothing interests him/her more than the political aspect of this pandemic.

The Social Media Buff

Their days revolve around social media scrolling, memes, posting group video call selfies and nominating people for various challenges. 

The TikToker

They've downloaded Tik Tok, and well, one needs no explanation about the rest.

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