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CrossFit in Sri Lanka

What it is and where you can try it out.

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CrossFit: What you need to know:

  • Essentially, CrossFit is varied functional movements performed at high intensity.
  • It's a strength and conditioning program, combining a mix of Olympic lifting, callisthenics (body weight exercises) and aerobic exercise (cardio)
  • There's a different workout every day and they're called WODs (workout of the day).
  • It can be done by anyone despite their level of fitness because all workouts are scaled to your abilities.

Where To Do CrossFit In Sri Lanka

1) GRIT Sports and Fitness

GRIT is located down Castle Street in Rajigiriya. While they have a comparatively smaller space to the other gyms, they make up for it in energy and enthusiasm. The coaches are friendly, encouraging and help you through the workout. 


  • 3 month package - Rs. 9,600 (for members attending from 11am - 2pm), Rs. 10,800 (for regular classes)
  • 6 month package - Rs. 16,800  (for members attending from 11am - 2pm),  Rs. 19,200 (for regular classes) 
  • Drop in - Rs. 1000 

Call 0710175308 or 0767311288 for more information. 


Osmo recently opened up a new CrossFit complex next to their main gym in Pelawatte. The box in itself is quite big, well equipped and definitely one of the best boxes we've seen here.


  • 3 month package - Rs. 24,000 (for non-members), Rs. 12,000 (for members)
  • 6 month package - Rs. 42,000 (for non-members), Rs. 30,000 (for members)
  • Drop in - Rs. 1,100

Call 0716700844 for more information.

3) Vaaj

Image obtained from Facebook

Vaaj was the first CrossFit box to open and operate in Sri Lanka. They are located on the ground floor of the Glory Fitness Centre. 


  • 3 month package - Rs. 10,400
  • 6 month package - Rs. 14,600 
  • Drop in - Rs. 1200

Call 0773442389 for more information.

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