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Where To Eat This Weekend (5th of March, 2021)

5 places to try this weekend.

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We're kicking off the first weekend of March with some delish dumplings, fried chicken, mutton chettinad, pizza and booze.

Blue Spoon

Located down Jawatta Road, Blue Spoon is a new entrant in the Colombo cafe scene. They mostly cater to snacks, cakes and coffee, but also serve up a few mains, like this tasty Beef Burger, and the Prawn Dumplings. If you wish to have some me-time, with a good read, this is the best option for you. 

Popeyes Sri Lanka

Popeyes, the American multinational fast food chain of fried chicken recently opened their first branch in Sri Lanka, creating a huge buzz on social media. If you happen to drop by, try out the Regular Classic Chicken Sandwich, which has a deliciously buttery bun, and freshly-made, light, crispy chicken.


Lemongrass has been around for many years now, and is known for its Indian fare. They do a fantastic Mutton Chettinad, which you can pair up with their 16-piece Naan Bucket. 

Ignite Pizzeria & Lounge

Ignite uses good quality ingredients on their pizza and knows the art of adding Lankan twists to this beloved Italian delicacy. If you live around/passing by Wattala, this is definitely a must check out. The Chicken Kochchi Pizza packs a nice spicy punch while the Quattro Formaggi is cheesy as it can get. 

Bro Pub & Restaurant

Good bites, chilled booze and wonderful views - Bro Pub & Restaurant provides them all. A venture by the Garton Holidays, who also handles the sailing restaurant in Colombo - the Garton's Ark, it's a wonderful drinking spot for anyone in the area. 

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