5 occasions to celebrate with Shirohana.

By Rahma Rifkhar

Okay, so, first question: Are you the colour-coordinated bullet journaling typa person who plans gifts weeks in advance or that guy who remembers their anniversary the night before (if at all), has a full-blown panic attack and ends up buying the most random gift voucher because after all, it’s the thought that counts? Right?

That brings me to my second question: How many times have you re-gifted something you’ve gotten that’s been lying in its packaging for decades because honestly, it just isn’t your thing. Yup, been there, done that.

Now for the final question: How would you like it for someone to break down the unspoken politics of gift-giving and even better, give you a curated guide to ensure that the next gift you give doesn’t end up in a cupboard collecting dust or worse, a trash can. Ouch.

So, Avurdu’s just next month, Mother’s Day is around the corner and birthdays tend to come around every year (surprise, surprise) . That’s a lot of gift-giving to do. This is where we come in.

(Drumroll please)  

We collaborated with our favourite gift store, Shirohana, to create a curated guide of simple yet memorable gifts for five separate occasions.  Before we dive into the list, here’s a bit of context.

Shirohana is a pioneer in the world of florals, specialising in gorgeous flower bunches and arrangements sourced directly from their very own farms in Nuwara Eliya. Since their establishment in 1983, they’ve expanded their reach to include 6 branches and an online store as well as extending to other items such as gift boxes, cakes and jewellery. If you’ve ever had the joy of receiving any of Shirohana’s products, you know that their creations are of premium quality .

We are opting for gifts with that simple sophistication to it and also, to keep things realistic, our budget would be less than LKR 10,000 for each occasion and if that’s too pricey, feel free to drop an item.

So, without further ado, allow us to take you gift-shopping.

1. Avurudu

After what we’ve all been through this past year, Avurudu seems like a more than welcome cause for celebration.

This gift has a truly special value attached to it.Tucked within the  hustle and bustle of Ja-Ela, this Kavili box is the joint-creation of Anushka, her husband and three children. With the amount of hard-work, love and care that goes into crafting each and every one of these boxes,it would be a thoughtful gift for your loved ones and at the same time, you’ll be supporting local businesses and helping them grow .  At  LKR 4,950, this traditional palmyra box includes: 

•        6 konda kavum

•        6 mung kavum

•        6 athirasa

•        6 pani aluwa

•        10 kokis

•        10 milk toffee

•        10 pol toffee

•        10 betel leaves.

Priced at just LKR 5,760, this brimming basket of goodness is not just pretty but also a practical gift for your loved ones.

This New Year, bypass the usual gifts of cakes and juice bottles and opt for something more unique: The Gourmet Gift basket by Shirohana. It includes:

·       2 Mandarina Biscuit tins

·       Kern and Hundt Bee Honey (350g)

·       Sow Fresh Artisan Jam (350g)

·       One Sow Fresh Artisan Marmalade (350g) or Chutney

·       One Amba Estate Hand Rolled Artisan Tea Tin

·       Mini fresh flower bouquet

·       A handmade basket with a succulent plant

Priced at just LKR 5,760, this brimming basket of goodness is not just pretty but also a practical gift for your loved ones.

An alternate and cheaper option for neighbours and distant relatives is this bouquet of fresh chrysanthemum blooms bursting with the bold colours of Avurudu, priced from LKR 2,250 upwards depending on the bouquet size. It’s the perfect present because you really can’t go wrong with flowers.  

For more information on Shirohana’s Avurudu collection, see here.

2. Mother’s Day

All year long, Mothers are either tired, stressed, worried or all three and if we are going to dedicate just one single day of the year to them, we might as well do it right. Introducing Shirohana’s Spa gift set; the epitome of relaxation which includes:

·       Ophir Natural Shampoo

·       Ophir Natural Body oil

·       Ophir Natural Nourishing Cream

·       Scented Candle

At LKR 6,500, it’s just the perfect antidote for all that worrying.

Also, flowers are an absolute must for Mother’s Day and we have two top picks.

A perfect bunch of pretty  lilies (Lily Heaven at LKR 2,340 upwards) or a bouquet of roses in shades of bubblegum pink and ivory (Bubble Gum Fun LKR 3,990 upwards.)

For more information on Shirohana’s gift collections, see here.

3. Welcoming a New Baby

It’s always best to opt for light hues and pastel shades when it comes to anything baby-related.

That is exactly why we selected this specific bouquet of chrysanthemums in cute pastel shades that is bound to impress. It’s available from LKR 2,700 upwards and is an absolutely beautiful gift.

A more expensive alternative is this Abstract Floral cake at LKR 6,250. It has a gentle beauty to it, ideal for welcoming a new baby but don’t let its simplicity fool you. Hiding within minimalistic decor is a rich dark chocolate cake with Vanilla frosting, so it’s bound to be delicious.

For more information on Shirohana’s Baby celebration collections, see here.

4. Get Well Soon

This is a slightly tough one because get-well soon gifts have to tick the right boxes and make the recipient feel just a tad better. Well, there’s no foul mood a bite of a cookie and the sight of blooming flowers can’t lift. This is why we chose this prettily decorated box of assorted cookies named the Box of Freshness at LKR 3,500 which consists of

·       Rose

·       Eucalyptus

·       Baby’s Breath

·       Gift Box

·       03 Tins of Assorted Cookies

We also went for a bunch of bright and radiant sunflowers which is a guaranteed mood lifter. Named Sun Shiny Day and priced at LKR 1,500, it gives off much needed positive vibes.

For more information on Shirohana’s ‘Get Well Soon’ gift collections, see here.

6. Annual Celebrations

This one’s risky and you know it. To pull this off, you’ve gotta focus on the timeless trio: Flowers, Food and jewellery.

Roses are an absolute must as it ties the rest of the gift together and we picked out two of the most charming arrangements from the lot.  La Vie En Rose at LKR 8,500 upwards is as exotic as its name with a striking heart shaped arrangement of fresh roses and foliage. Our second pick, named The Minimalist at LKR 6,000, is less pricey than the first but equally stunning with red roses and foliage arranged elegantly in a box.

Now for the cake. Named True Love at LKR 3,515,a heart shaped red-velvet cake is a definite winner, no questions asked. 

Finally, if you are willing to go all in, opt for jewellery. Shirohana has an exquisite collection of rubies, sapphires, garnets and citrines fashioned into stunning pieces of jewellery and priced at LKR 10,000 upwards that you can shop for here.

For more information on their Anniversary collection, shop here.

No, the last-minute gift voucher doesn’t count as a proper gift. Say it with flowers instead!

This flower bunch, the Mini Bliss at LKR 1,615 has a collection of lilies, gladioli, chrysanthemums, eucalyptus as well as other filler flowers decorated with foliage and packed into this adorable mini bouquet.

We settled on two different gifts to be paired with the charming flower bouquet.

First, there’s the birthday classic, a dark chocolate cake with layers of raspberry: The delicious Pastel Negra at LKR 6,500 or if you are looking for something on the unique side, we settled on this cute little gift box.  The Heaven Scent Gift Box at LKR 6,000 includes a range of luxurious products:

·       Two Artisan handmade soaps

·       One Artisan massage oil or Nourishing cream

·       One fragrant candle

·       Packed in gift box with flowers

For more information on their Birthday collection, shop here.

Shirohana offers same-day delivery as well. All you need is to get in touch with 0707898989!

Here’s all the contact info you’ll need:

Contact Number: +94 707 898 989


Shirohana: No.32B Sir Mohamed Macan Marker Mawatha, Colombo 00300

Shirohana Atelier: No.21/3 Alfred House Gardens, Colombo 00300

Shirohana Romantica: No. 32/01 B, Dickmans Road, Colombo 00400

Shirohana Petal Guru: No.61 Dudley Senanayake Mawatha, Colombo 00800

Shirohana Negombo:   No. 206 B Puttalam – Colombo Rd, Negombo 11500

You can shop via their online store or visit them on Instagram or Facebook. 

Now that you’ve had a crash course on the perfect presents to get, Happy Gift- Giving!

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