Yamu’s Top Restaurant Picks for 2023.

New Year, New Reviews? Say “hell yeah”! We have sorted out a few restaurants that we think you may want to try out in this new year full of joy and rejoice! Here’s what we got:

1. Totally Hooked CMB

A colorful and vibrant Seafood restaurant in Colombo, serving American and SIngaporean Seafood dishes for those who love the quality of Sri Lankan Seafood. Messy eaters are most welcomed to this diner for they do not serve in any ordinary way. Get messy, have fun, share laughter and get totally hooked, while you try out the mouthwatering menu at Totally Hooked CMB.

Price range     : LKR 1550 – LKR 7000

2. Plates – Cinnamon Grand Colombo

Hands down, one of the best buffets in Colombo, serving from East Asian Cuisines to American Cuisine, European and even South Asian Cuisines. Bright interiors and well curated furnishing add a sense of luxurious dining to Plates, and a fully occupied seating is an everyday sight here. Food is absolutely 10/10 and incredibly worth the price guests pay for it, as the restaurant serves all Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.

Price range:

Breakfast at LKR 3050 per person

Lunch at LKR 5500 per person

Dinner at LKR 6500 per person

3. Beira Kitchen – Colombo Courtyard by Marriott

Currently the talk of the town and certainly a hot topic among food reviewers, Beira Kitchen is the main restaurant for Courtyard By Marriott, Colombo. Courtyard By Marriott Colombo, is the Colombo edition of Courtyard hotels by the Marriott Chain, newly opened in 2023, catering mainly to Business clients worldwide. Overlooking the lush green scenery of the Beira Lake, the designers have taken a creative end naming the restaurant as Beira Kitchen to let the guests feel the authenticity in every way. Serving both Ala-Carte menu and All day dining buffet, safe to say, Beira Kitchen is home to Sri Lankan, Indian, European and Intercontinental cuisines, catering incredibly delicious food of our hearty choices. Trust me, even the water served here tastes dazzling! For anyone looking up for a new luxury dining experience, Beira Kitchen is waiting for you.

Price range     : Breakfast at LKR 4400 per person

                        : Lunch at LKR 5750 per person

                        : Dinner at LKR 6600 per person

4. The Traveling Bruncher

Don’t we all love a good Brunch spot, to spend your lazy weekends munching on some brunch dishes, cocktails, bites and even amazing pizzas? Well, you are yet to worry because Traveling Bruncher is right here! Calling themselves a cozy rooftop cafe located in Nawam Mawatha, I’m sure the cafe itself is home to spectacular views of Colombo. The Traveling Bruncher quite oftenly hosts Brunch Parties on Sundays for an amazing social crowd who love to eat, drink and party! The dishes served are astonishingly curated to look pretty in our eyes with colorful garnishing. The flavors and aroma of the food will make you come here everyday and that is for sure!

Price range     : LKR 1500 – LKR 5000

5. Bowl’d

From Sea View Avenue to Gower Street, from just merely a Poke restaurant to an almost hostel, Bowl’d Colombo has really given into change and is still one of our favorite picks, and more so a reason to try out their newness in this new year. Bowl’d has made healthy eating a lifestyle to many out there who have tried their Poke Bowls and their Gotukola Limeade never goes out of style. The interiors here at the new location are undoubtedly curated to please your eyes with aesthetic and serenity, giving you a healthy experience not just with food but also for your mind and body!

Price range     : LKR 1000 – LKR 3000

6. Dumpling’s Cafe – Galle

Furthering our radars out of Colombo, we’ve set our eyes on this cozy cute cafe serving dumplings and things. Church Street in Galle Fort is home to this fancy spot and certainly keeping it simple, they’ve named it “Dumpling’s Cafe” making life easier to all travelers around the streets of Galle Fort. Dumplings, Wontons, Siu Mai, Baozi, and even Noodles and Bao Buns, with a side of Sweet Treats and more appetizers are what you get on their cozy menu. As for the beverages, there is a variety of Hot, Cold, and Fizzy drinks. “Coca Cola Float” is definitely a must try here, for you shall be taken away by how incredible the combo in it would taste. Dumpling portion could do better in size, but the flavors are amazing when dipped in chili oil and soy sauce. You will be in for good hospitality and a kind treat if you visit Dumplings Cafe.

Price range     : LKR 500 – LKR 3000

7. The Sanctuarii – Rajagiriya

If you are out and about in Rajagiriya, Kotte Road, you are certainly in for a Jungly experience when at The Sanctuarii. The interior, the art, the food, the service, all in all, will give you that feeling of serenity in a jungle, and as named “The Sanctuarii”, it is your homely cafe inside a wild jungle lookout. As colorful as it could get, the food is ravishing with flavors and vibrancy. Some dishes are common whereas some dishes are pretty unique, but you are in for plenty of choices from either the Indian Cuisine or be it the Thai Cuisine. They have also got “Light Bites”, “Salads” and even a Bar Menu. The Sanctuarii takes pride in preparing some Jungly Cocktails (Definitely not Jungle Juice though  ;p ). The signature cocktails are amazing from their names to the fames, keeping it wild to the end. Get your jungle fit on and come visit The Sanctuarii before the Sun sets.

Price range     : LKR 1000 – LKR 6000

8. The Emperor’s Den

Sorted into the high end, luxurious Chinese dining experience, The Emperor’s Den is a hidden gem in Colombo. Situated right at the entrance of the Astoria Shopping Mall down R A De Mel Mawatha (Commonly known as Duplication Road), this is an authentic Chinese fine dining restaurant that opens quite later in the day, around 5.30 pm. Known mostly for their signature Chinese Hot Pot, The Emperor’s Den have their unique set of customers who would love an authentic Chinese meal from the in house Chinese Chefs, along with good booze and Karaoke Music.

Price range     : LKR 1500 upwards

9. The Bavarian

 Everybody’s go-to place for authentic German and European food and has been a fame-making restaurant in Central Colombo. 4.4 rated on Google, The Bavarian is quite famous for their Pork Knuckle and Beer combo, but also a must try here would be their Steaks. Prices could be on the high-end for just a dinner out and you may want to read your bill twice, however if you want to have real-time experience of a German neighborhood, this place got the hots for it as they would have some lovely German music while the dancers are brightening up the guests with their footwork in German Folkies.

Price range     : LKR 2000 upwards

10. Giovanni’s Presto Pizza

Our final pick is the ever-famous Giovanni’s Presto Pizza spot, already known by most of Colombo and already been to by half of Colombo. Why did we really pick Giovanni’s? Because Giovanni’s is undoubtedly the best place for Pizza and on a recent visit, we were lucky enough to have a conversation with the owner himself who was quite a humble man who once was a one-man army, making and serving pizzas all by himself. We were very fond of hearing and seeing the development this man has come through in growing Giovanni’s to where it is now, acquiring more space and curating the place to be cozy, happy and rejoicing. Pizzas and Appetizers here have always been the best, in flavor, in size and even in pleasing eyes. Shame on you if you still have not tried this heaven on earth, and this is the universe telling you to take that tuk to Giovanni’s and indulge yourself into a treat of the best Pizzas in town.

Price range     : LKR 1500 – LKR 4000


That is the round up of our top picks for 2023 and we ourselves are looking forward to trying some of the places above! We cannot wait to share the full experiences with our dear readers, so cheers to eating more and reviewing more, with us, this 2023!

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