A Luxury European Dining experience at 1864 Limited Edition.


Intimate dining area for couples and friends
Comfy lounge areas to sit and catch up with your loved ones
Open dining areas to celebrate moments with your family and friends.

1864 Limited Edition is a Gastro-Chic restaurant and bar with a European Contemporary Cuisine curated by former French Michelin- starred Chef, Bjorn van der Horst and directed by Catherine Obrenovic.

The concept of the monochromatic concept as explained by Catherine Obrenovic is to focus on simplistic, monochromic elements in the interior and to encourage the guests to focus on the delicious food, their valuable company and on making memories and creating special moments.

The cocktails are served on the bar side among interiors that play with dusty emerald green and blue accents contrasting with an all black and white atmosphere on the restaurant side creating two distinct environments that yet, compliment each other. 

The restaurant and bar’s walls are adorned and the guests are naturally drawn by the spectacle surrounding them as much as the eating and drinking; “feeding your mind while we feed your body” with a vibrant collection of pieces from renown Sri Lankan artists such as Anoli Perera, Pradeep Chandrasiri, Mahen Perera, Pala Pothipitya, Koralegedara Pushpa Kumara

The inside of the restaurant is covered with paintings by Sri Lankan artists, Sri Lankan culture-inspired fixtures and beautiful shiny chandeliers.

The staff as well were especially friendly, always looking to assist you and help you in any way possible.

The Wine Cellar

Close to the entrance of the restaurant, there is a downward spiralling staircase that will take you to the wine cellar. The room with the wine cellar also includes a lounge area with a couple of comfy sofa sets for you to relax and sip wine or any other drink. They call the wine cellar room the ‘Animal room’ which is what inspired the animal-themed artworks and ornaments surrounding the room.

The Animal House is also a room that can be booked for private small gathering that ensure total privacy where canapés on passed around can be served or a dinner as well up to 10 people.

You can decide to enjoy your beverage in the wine cellar room and go upstairs for your meals or take your beverages to the dining room.

Wine and beverages

In order to suit the occasion, we ordered a serving of Red wine and White wine.

We were also served breadsticks and cheese paste and olive tapenade to enjoy with our wine.


  • Amuse Bouche

The amuse bouche served was a fresh Oyster with cucumber and champagne emulsion.

We were served a complimentary Cucumber oyster which was served fresh. The cucumber especially left a refreshing taste in our mouths and prepared us for the other exquisite dishes to come.

  • Chilled Cashew Nut Gazpacho

This colourful starter included pink peppercorns, smoked paprika and pickled clams. It was a fusion of strong flavours of paprika, fresh tomato and delicious cashew nuts.

Gazpacho is best eaten well chilled and even though our Sri Lankan culture is used to being served hot, sizzling appetizers. This was a specifically refreshing change.



For the mains, the restaurant has two options. You can either choose to have your dinner as Ala carte or enjoy one of their two tasting menus.

‘Prestige’ Tasting Menu

LKR 27,500/-

  • King Scallops

The scallops were cooked to perfection and had an unusual element of crispiness that definitely added to the uniqueness of the dish. It was paired perfectly with the cauliflower puree and the flavours blended together as well. The presentation as you can see was also beautiful as it was topped off with caviar and a touch of gold.

LKR4800/- (you can order this on ala carte)

  • Ricotta Gnocchi

The title of this dish gives the prize away. It is a dish with fricassee of morels, truffle vinaigrette and picorino romanona (a salty Italian cheese). In simpler terms, this dish was a combination of fresh kale leaves, salty Italian cheese, cherry tomatoes and prunes. The salty cheese and kale were delicious. In order to really get the flavour of this dish, make sure to have ALL the elements in each bite.

LKR3500/- (you can order this on ala carte)

  • Poached Indian Ocean Lobster

Caramelised bitter gourd, Vanilla brown butter and aged balsamic and fresh lobster from our very own Indian Ocean is what made made this dish so delicious. The lobster was fresh and moist and went well with the caramelised bitter gourd. The fusion of sweet and sour went surprisingly well together.

  • Ravioli of Beef and Foie Gras

This beef dish was both delicious and satisfying. It included onion consomme, parsley pistou and truffle essence. The beef was cooked well and the ravioli just melts in your mouth. They managed to incorporate the right amount of onion consomme and avoided the ravioli from being soggy.

  • Olive oil Poached Grouper

This dish was quite filling in comparison to the other dishes we tasted. It included Potato Croquettes, Clams, Squid Ink hollandaise and Champagne Sauce. I personally loved the potato croquette, it was crispy and fresh and tasted super delicious. The fish was cooked really well and we enjoyed the combination of the squid ink, crispy potato croquettes and the champagne sauce.

  • Duo of Beef

The Duo of Beef was served with Gratin of Macaroni, Bearnaise sauce, Kale, Bourguignon sauce. The gratin of macaroni was covered in cheese and was absolutely delicious even as a stand-alone dish.

The beef, just like the meat in all the dishes was tender and soft. The Duo of Beef, fresh kale and the sauces were a treat to our already satisfied palates.


  • Atlantic Salmon

This main dish consisted of house-made sauerkraut,  candied bacon, beurre blanc (French white butter sauce), beurre rouge (French red butter sauce).

In terms of presentation, this dish looked beautiful. The slices of perfectly cooked salmon were stacked on top of each other and the french sauces were placed neatly at the base and candied bacon was sprinkled at the top of the salmon. Sauerkraut is a type of fermented raw cabbage and it was cooked and seasoned in order to give the salmon an added savoury essence. The fusion of the candied bacon, the french sauces and the Sauerkraut were great. 



  • Mango Declination

The menu describes this dessert as ‘fresh’ and ‘frozen’ and that’s exactly what it was. After a few hours of induldging in sizzling, savoury and flavourful dishes, this was a cool and refreshing change. 


  • 1864 Vintage Gold Gateau Triple Layer Fantasy

1864 Limited Edition really does put the ‘fantasy’ in this dish. This slice of gateau was rich and delicious. This gateau was a combination of almond coco-ganache and ceylon chocolate-tea. It was a perfect way to end the wonderful night. We highly recommend it. 



Personally, I enjoyed my experience at 1864 Limited Edition. Dining at 1864 Limited Edition is a unique and beautiful experience and I haven’t seen anything like it in Sri Lanka. Catherine mentioned that she and the rest of the management team decided to change the restaurant from ‘The 1864’ to ‘1864 Limited Edition’ and once you dine here, you will believe that the restaurant has what it takes to be limited edition.

View the entire Ala Carte menu and Tasting menu.

*The prices included in the article and on the menu are as at March 2022,

Contact information: 074 260 1641

Opening times: 

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday (6:00PM – 11:30PM)

Friday & Saturday (6:00PM – 2:00AM)

Sunday & Monday (Closed)

Visit them on Instagram @1864limitededition or Facebook @The1864 for more information.

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