Cooking with the Silvermill Coconut Culinary Range.

As a Sri Lankan, can you imagine cooking without coconut?

It is a universally accepted truth that Sri Lankans would not be able to think of cooking without coconuts. From our daily rice & curry to Kiribath made for special occasions, it’s hard to imagine the delicious flavors of Sri Lankan cuisine without coconut.

As one of the oldest operational manufacturers of value-added coconut products in the world, Silvermill Group has a rich legacy of over 100 years. Since their founder Mr. Anthony Silva started Giriulla Desiccating Mills in 1920, Silvermill has always been an important part of the Sri Lankan coconut community and have made this small island a hallmark in the world of coconut products.

Today, as a globally renowned manufacturer catering to international brands around the world, Silvermill also offers a range of high quality, innovative coconut products made specially to capture the hearts of Sri Lankans with its superior taste & convenience. Silvermill’s culinary range of products includes Pure Coconut Oil, Coconut Milk & Coconut Sambol and are specially designed to empower anyone to cook conveniently. So even if you are new at cooking, or short on time, with Silvermill’s convenient products you won’t have to miss out on the joy’s of a homecooked Sri Lankan meal.

It’s as easy as that

With the busy lives we have, the culinary products offered by Silvermill ensures that we save on time and energy while making no compromise on the authentic Sri Lankan flavor. With Silvermill Coconut Sambol, you just have to add a bit of hot water to the dehydrated mix. Once you are done rehydrating the sambol, you can add lime, tomatoes and onions to tailor the dish to your taste, though honestly, Silvermill Coconut Sambol tastes amazing just as it is. You can even add pepper if you just need that extra kick of spice. But you have to be warned that the sambol is already quite spicy and has the kick of spice that almost all Sri Lankans crave.

Usually, we are used to going through a lengthy process of selecting a good coconut, breaking the coconut, scraping the coconut, preparing all the ingredients and mixing everything together, often with a mortar and pestle or even a grinding stone to get the best taste. But with Silvermill Coconut Sambol, you don’t have to go through any hassle or spend so much time or effort; It’s truly as convenient as breaking open the pack and adding what you need. Further, there’s no compromise on the taste as well, because the Coconut Sambol is as authentic as it gets and can be enjoyed with string hoppers, rice and curry, roast paan or any other dish you usually enjoy pol sambol with.

You can even use the Silvermill Coconut Sambol as a dry mix with bread and butter & also use it to create innovative fusion recipes, like a coconut sambol cheese dip for a grazing platter or even a ‘pol sambol’ pizza. With this product that is easy enough for even a child to prepare, anyone, whether they are well versed in the kitchen, able to spruce up 5 star meals or completely new to cooking, can use Silvermill Coconut Sambol and customize to their taste, conveniently without any hassle,  at anytime or anywhere .

Convenience at your fingertips

While the coconut sambol might be one of the most innovative products in the culinary range offered by Silvermill, their Coconut Milk is one of the most convenient products they offer. The 330ml pack of Coconut Milk contains the thick milk of two coconuts that have been carefully handpicked and has no colours, flavours or preservatives added . Once you open the pack,  you can use as much as you want, as the twist cap ensures the freshness and hygiene of the coconut milk, which allows you to conveniently refrigerate and use the remaining coconut milk for up to 4 days after opening.  The milk in the pack is pretty thick so you can dilute it with water or use it as it is according to your preference. Again, you don’t have to go through the hassle of selecting a good coconut, breaking it, scraping it, squeezing it & washing up all the utensils involved to get the delicious coconut milk that you can’t do without in a Sri Lankan household. 

With its amazing taste, texture & aroma, Silvermill Coconut Milk is as good as milk from a  fresh coconut cracked open at home, making Silvermill Coconut Milk the best coconut milk pack you can find in Sri Lanka.

 You can easily make a wide variety of dishes ranging from Sri Lankan cuisine to other cuisines, to deserts as well as smoothies. The Silvermill culinary products are truly versatile in that way, empowering anyone to make the most of their time.

It’s a given fact that most parts of a coconut are wasted when cracked open at home for milk.  By using this pack, you will also be supporting a national cause to reduce coconut wastage & increase Sri Lanka’s export earnings from coconut products, as Silvermill ensures that every part of the coconut is utilized & not wasted. 

The legacy of Silvermill

The Silvermill Group is over 100 years old and even earlier when they were known as Giriulla Mills, they were producing a variety of quality coconut based products. Coconut Oil is one such product that  they have been known for, so it doesn’t really need any special introduction. But a reminder about its legacy and quality is always welcome. 

When it comes to Silvermill Coconut Oil,  this product was one of the first to receive the Coconut Development Authority’s Five Star Certification which ensures the purity and quality of the coconut oil from the start of production to its end.  Ensuring quality raw materials, a hygienic and a standardized manufacturing process, this certification also ensures that the product is unadulterated and good for you, making it a product that you can always trust. Therefore, be it for cooking or other purposes, Silvermill Coconut Oil should be your first choice.

As if you needed any more reason to switch to Silvermill’s culinary range of products; When you choose Silvermill products, you are not just choosing a quality product, you are also helping the Sri Lankan community as they engage in a broad range of CSR programs which help to empower & develop local communities & coconut farmers.

We were happy to get a gift pack from Silvermill which proved the quality and freshness of their products. Coming from a truly Sri Lankan business renowned for its sustainability & community initiatives, in addition to driving a national cause to reduce coconut wastage, Silvermill products have truly proven to be the best in the market, ensuring quality whilst going beyond to serve a broader purpose.  

You can find more information about their products on their social media pages – @silvermill_cocounut on Instagram & @Silvermill Coconut on Facebook.

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