Tingling our Sweet Tooth at Indulge Desserts Co..

Sumaiya Jaleel

Indulge dessert co is a dessert shop located in Marine Drive Colombo-3. This is an ideal dessert shop or chill-out spot. They offer a brilliant array of hot and cold desserts. The menu boasts a luscious selection of milkshakes, freak shakes, bubble waffles, waffles, crepes, sundaes, cakes, juices, smoothies and hot drinks with the use of the finest Belgian chocolate range in town. 

The Dome

The Dome (Rs. 1600/-) is a chocolate dessert which is melted down with hot hot Nutella sauce to reveal something inside. This is a super exciting and delightful dessert. It contains fresh strawberries, bananas, grapes, brownie, Ice cream and hot Nutella sauce to pour on top. This is a rich and trending melting chocolate dome dessert with a tower of brownie, scoop of vanilla Ice cream and fruits (banana, strawberries, grapes) inside the dome. 

And it is served with some hot hot Nutella sauce to pour on top of the dome so that it melts down smoothly from the top, making it an excellent showstopper chocolate dessert. The chocolate melts and magically releases the Ice cream, brownie and the fruits hiding inside. It’s super fun and cute. If you are a chocoholic it would serve you well to opt for a rich Belgian chocolate. 

For an indulgent time, never mind the food coma.

Bubble Waffle

This is a dessert that has been taking Instagram ‘s popular feeds by storm. This bubble waffle dessert (Rs. 1000/-) at Indulge dessert co has got my cravings covered. It is also possible to make your own waffle with the options they have already given. To make your own waffle you have 3 options. Firstly, you need to select the base where they had three choices (waffle, bubble waffle and crepe) along with options of sauce as a topping (Belgian Milk chocolate, Belgian White chocolate, Belgian Dark chocolate, Belgian Caramel Nutella and Belgian Ruby). My choice of waffle was a bubble waffle with chocolate indulgence dessert which had chocolate brownie pieces and Ice cream topped with Belgian milk chocolate and Belgian caramel. The bubble waffle had a perfect shape and a Belgian twist. Also, the combination of the toppings and dessert gave my taste buds a happy dance.

Red Bull Mojito

I should say Red Bull Mojito (Rs.750/-) was a thirst-quenching libation. This classic mocktail is a blend of a few simple ingredients (red bull, lime juice, fresh mint with sugar) muddled together. As it involves muddling, I’m sure it had released its flavours with a perfect balance of tart and sweet. And also elevates the flavour to a new level. This mojito Is one of the best mocktails which is super refreshing and it’s a real treat for your taste buds.

Fruit Cocktail

This was a refreshing and simple dessert. Fruit cocktail (Rs. 700/-) was a mini Fruit salad kind of dessert with Belgian chocolate. The presentation of the dish was fantastic. The cocktail dessert contained only three types of fresh fruits (bananas, strawberries, and grapes). This was a delectable dish but a little too pricey I would say, since it was too simple and didn’t have much vibrant fruits.

This dessert won over my taste buds with Belgian chocolate that was drizzled and topped on the fruit cocktail. The delicious cocktail dish however was fresh and juicy and also had a perfect ratio of flavours making it pleasantly sweet.

Nutella Milo Cheesecake 

This is an ultimate Nutella milkshake (Rs. 1200/-). It is a creamy, rich shake perfect for a hot summer afternoon or whenever you are coping with an urgent Nutella craving. This luscious treat had many ingredients (Ice cream, Nutella, cheesecake, milo, Belgian chocolate sauce, chocolate wafer stick, and whipped cream). This shake was beautifully presented to me. Only thing I didn’t like much was the whipped cream. It made the shake look attractive but not so good to taste, literally I’m not a fan of whip cream. And if you think you can cope up with way too much whip cream to taste, then of course you might enjoy it. The cheesecake that was topped on the shake did have a soft texture. Finally coming back to the Nutella shake, to those of who have got a crazy craving for milkshakes then this creamy shake is a great choice. 

I mean is there anyone out there who would say no to a creamy milkshake?

Kids love it and so do the adults. 

Peri Peri Fries (Appetizer)

Indulge dessert co has come up with a perfect appetizer which was none other than Peri Peri fries (Rs. 600/-). 

These are some golden fries tossed in a special blend of herbs and spices. And along with the fries there is a Peri Peri mayo served as a dip. For sure these fries are going upscale. Each one of us has a favourite dish that would keep us going back to the specific restaurant or café again, so I would say this is Peri Peri fries is the one. You have your dessert and you’re down with a sugar rush then of course these Peri Peri fries will give you the perfect balance of savoury on sweet and also will help you keep up with your appetite on sweets or chocolates. 


Waffle on a stick (Rs. 600/-) is the latest trend in foodie friendly Street food. They have 4-5 choices of waffle sticks on the menu. This Nutilicious is a 9’ inch waffle stick topped with Nutella and toasted nuts. The waffle was fresh but wasn’t crispy at all. Chocolate was too dry and wasn’t topped enough. But of course, the nuts were sprinkled on the waffle. I prefer the waffle stick to be crispy and crunchy and also to be coated with a generous layer of Nutella. 

Generally, it wasn’t an exceptional experience but not too bad either. 


Indulge dessert co is a simple and yet beautiful dessert shop that provides us with fantastic fresh and flavourful dessert options. The ambience is great for our liking. This is not a place for a large crowd. The staff were very courteous, amiable and attentive. You can get your hands-on delightful desserts at indulge dessert co.  Most importantly I must say the chocolate dome is always a major reason why I would prefer going back to indulge desserts co. 

Branch – 1

29/5, Stratford Avenue, Colombo – 6. 


Branch – 2

14A, Marine Drive, Colombo – 3.


Daily open: 11pm – 12am

Friday: 3pm – 12am 

Visit their website, Instagram page @indulgedessertslk or Facebook page @Indulge Desserts for more information.

They are also available on PickMe and UberEats.

Contact Number: 0764252179

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