Coffee & Company

37/3, Pedris Road, Colombo 03

The perfect coffee shop to bring your date, a bunch of friends or just a book.

Coffee & Company, as its names implies, is a coffee shop. Located in a gorgeous colonial mansion at the end of a quiet lane down Pedris Mawatha, it brews coffee in a myriad of ways: black, short, long, iced, with milk, flavoured, etc. And the place also makes the regulars, from breakfast items to pastas or burgers and desserts.

Last time we dropped by was more than a year ago, not long after their opening, so we decided it was time to pay them another visit.

Coffee & Food

Coffee & Company's main focus being coffee, I'll start with the brew. For this second visit, we tried the Cappuccino (Rs. 380), which was rather satisfactory. The foam was the only miss of the drink really. It was super bubbly and so light it was like sipping air. Plus, with this texture, no latte art could possibly happen. Some cocoa powder sprinkled on top would have done the trick in terms of presentation though. Anyway, apart from the foam and look, the actual taste of the drink was good, the coffee was mild and not bitter at all. Not unpleasant to slowly wake up or to peacefully go through the day.

We came for breakfast and, really, what's better than to start the day with some Avocado on Toast (Rs. 850)? The smashed avocado was nicely seasoned with a hint of lime that refreshed the rich puree and bits of chili flakes that just brought some colour to the dish. The poached egg was not as brilliant, as it was slightly undercooked. The egg yolk was runny but the white as well, which isn't as enjoyable. Bread was good but wasn't very different from the kurrakan bread you can find at your usual supermarket. Also, it was supposed to come with feta and roasted tomatoes but to my great disappointment, we couldn't trace any Greek cheese and there only were 2 measly slices of fresh tomatoes on the plate.

We also got a Cookie for about Rs. 120 and it clearly was a bad choice. The biscuit had probably been made the week before and was as hard as a rock. Or almost. It was OK-ish after dipping it in the cap for a good 30 seconds. But still the taste was not mind blowing.

The Service

Service is efficient and the staff friendly. The coffee and cookie came straight away and we didn't have to wait for long for the avocado toasts either. 

The Ambience

The ambience is really what we'll make us come back to Coffee & Company. The interior decoration matches the charm of the outside. Everything there is leather, wood and cane and the dominant colours are warm varieties of brown, beige and yellow and some notes of black and grey. The jazzy music in the background adds to the elegance of the place. 

You can choose to sit on comfy Parisian bistro looking chairs, to curl up on one the 2 imposing armchairs or to crash on the inviting sofa. You can also decide to make the best of their big garden and terrace outside.

Coffee & Company struck me as a great place for a date, as it's kind of romantic and really quiet and tranquil. It can also be a good hideout to gather your friends or relatives and while away the heat or the hours on a lazy afternoon. And it definitely makes an awesome book nook to add on to our list


Coffee & Company is an ideal spot to wind up with your loved one(s), may they be your lover, friends or books. Order a drink (and food if you're really starving) and enjoy the quietness.


37/3, Pedris Road, Colombo 03


You go through Pedris Road, and turn into 30th Lane.


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Open until 11:00 PM



Price Range

Between Rs. 500 - Rs. 1000

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Eggs Sweets Pasta Brownies Cakes Sandwiches Coffee Tea

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