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Macchiato, Kandy Uptown, Liberty Plaza

  • Open 10AM - 7PM

A new coffee shop in the midst of the gargantuan Kandy Uptown.

Macchiato's the newest coffee shop in Colombo, hidden in the midst of the incredibly huge new departmental store Uptown Kandy, which basically takes up two whole floors of the Liberty Plaza. They've got your average cafe fare, along with a few salads and the likes. Interestingly, they've got like an open salad bar (behind glass) so you can see the fresh veggies and whatnot, and them preparing it.

Food and Service

They've got a selection of waffles, cakes, salads, and coffees. In an attempt to eat health, we opted for a potato salad with smoked chicken (Rs. 350) and then to balance it out, ordered waffles with whipped cream and chocolate sauce (Rs. 350), because being too health conscious is bad for you (well not quite, but you get the gist). Also because waffles with chocolate sauce > salad anyday.

All things considered, the salad wasn't too shabby, especially considering the price. The portion was quite large and even though it looked like it was mostly potato, there were generous bits of chicken in it as well. 

The waffles are by far the fluffiest I've had in Colombo to date. Slathered in a generous dose of chocolate sauce and topped with whipped cream, I'd recommend the waffles here minus the fly (they wouldn't go away, sorry).

For drinks, we got its namesake (a Macchiato, Rs. 350) and a Cappuccino (Rs. 260). The Cappu was standard, nothing remarkable, and the macchiato was happily non offensive. It wasn't overly bitter and didn't have that burnt-out taste, so it's good.

Ambience & Service

It's a bit open-plan, as it's in the middle of a clothing store. So you're basically surrounded by people and clothes and whatnot, and, strangely, a few errant but persistent flies.

The staff was very friendly, all smiles. It's more like self-service here, so you need to go pick your order up from the counter. They're also helpful and wish you a good day when you leave, which is nice.


Macchiato's Coffee is not bad, and while not extraordinary, their food's not too bad either. Definitely value for money, it's a nice place too. Minus the flies, but hopefully they'll sort that out.


Macchiato, Kandy Uptown, Liberty Plaza


Go to Liberty Plaza and then to their new department — Kandy Uptown for Macchiato.



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Open 10AM - 7PM



Price Range

Between Rs. 200 - Rs. 1000

Dish Types

Salad Bready Coffee

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