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Ratnagiri Hilltop Temple (Mirissa)

Matara Road, Udupila, Mirissa

The Ratnagiri Temple is at the top of a little hill in Mirissa. It's a beautiful secluded space with a great view of the ocean and in-land forests.

The Ratnagiri Temple is an unexpected treat at the top of a great flight of stone steps, in Udupila, Mirissa. The temple grounds are huge, with many wonderful, quiet spaces, to reflect and also enjoy the view of Mirissa Bay. It's known among some tourists because yoga classes are conducted by a Guru on the premises. 

If you're on the main road in Mirissa and you look into the hilly forests in the distance, you'll see the temple's pristine white stupa sticking out from the green. 

We found the temple by accident, while admiring some graffiti on the wall from the main road. Next to the graffiti was suddenly this interesting flight of stairs flanked by trees. There are about 300 steps to get to the top, and you might meet a cow on your way there, grazing mid-stairs. 

The Space

Here are some glimpses into Udupila's hilltop temple: 

My favourite part of the grounds is where the bo tree stands - this is where the picture above was taken. It's set apart from the main space (you have to walk down some steps to get here), and it's a tranquil, wide ground under the cooling rustle of the bo tree. On this side there's a break in the wall through which you get a view of a lake in the distance and endless forest. 

The View

There's a lot of wild plant partially blocking the view of Mirissa's beach, but once you mosey around and find the right spot, it's still an awesome sight. Different parts of the premises have different views. At the front of the temple, the silhouettes of trees against the clear blue water gives you the feeling that the hill itself is floating in the sea. Check out our gallery for more pictures. 


The Ratnagiri temple is a must-visit if you're in Mirissa and in the mood for some sight seeing. It's easily accessible off the main road, and it's a beautiful, meditative space set apart from the rest of the town. 


Go after 4PM, it's too hot for the climb before that.


Matara Road, Udupila, Mirissa


The long staircase to the temple begins a minute away from the Udupila junction, next to a police shed. There's a stone carving of a Buddhist flag at the staircase.


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