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YUMI (Taj Samudra)

Taj Samudra, 25 Galle Face Center Rd, Colombo 3

YUMI is Taj Samudra's resident Japanese restaurant. What they lack in terms of variety they make up for with some delicious, specialized sushi in arguably the best setting for a Japanese restaurant in Colombo.

YUMI is Taj Samudra's Japanese restaurant. What they lack in terms of variety they make up for with some delicious, specialized sushi in arguably the best setting for a Japanese restaurant in Colombo.

The Food

In Colombo, YUMI definitely falls in the upper range of sushi restaurants, both in terms of quality and price. It's not as expensive as the likes of Ginza On The Edge and Nihonbashi Honten, but it's up there. In terms of range they cover most of the essentials - sushi, nigiri, teppanayaki and bento boxes. The only real flaw that we came across was the lack of pork on the menu, and that you can't get mixed nigiri. What we did order was excellent.

The combination spicy maki (Rs. 1250 for 8) tasted downright fantastic. This is an inverted maki with salmon, tuna and crab meat served with a chili mayo sauce. Just the combination of the seafood in it should be enough to get anyone excited, and it also looks great with a little mosaic of sort forming in the center. What's great is that the flavour and texture of each come through beautifully and distinctly.

The YUMI special maki (Rs. 1350 for 6) was another inverted maki, this time with tempura prawns and crab meat. The highlight of this was the 'rainbow rice'. It's called rainbow rice because of the addition of tobiko, which is flying fish roe. This really elevates every element of the rice adding a bit of smokiness and crunch. Combined with the crab meat and tempura prawns, you have a great marriage of flavours.

Sushi aside, we also tried their tori teri bento (Rs. 1900) which is only available for lunch. This bento comes with steamed rice, a bit of pickled cabbage salad, teriyaki chicken and three pieces each of salmon and tuna sashimi as well as a miso soup.

Just like the rest of the seafood we tried, the sashimi was very fresh and of high quality. The tuna they'd chosen was a cut with next to no fat, so it was this near translucent red which makes it that much more appetizing. The salmon on the other hand did have just a tad bit of fat which adds a slightly richer flavour.

The teriyaki chicken was also very tasty and cooked just right. The teriyaki sauce was the real winner here with a good consistency and balance of seasoning and sweetness.

The bento also comes with a scoop of green tea ice cream. Green tea ice cream generally tends to be mild, but this one had a very intense green tea flavour which was very refreshing and good way to end the meal.

Ambience & Service

Unlike most Japanese restaurants in Colombo YUMI doesn't got for the pseudo traditional look, instead opting for a hip, modern set up with a black and orange theme, which works brilliantly. I'd go so far as to say that it's one of the best looking restaurants in Colombo. This is one place we can easily recommend for a business lunch.

The service during our visit was fast, friendly and very professional. We were the only ones there at the time but the waiters carried themselves very well and promptly handled little things like refilling the water and removing plates and such.


YUMI hasn't quite reached the level of popularity it deserves. They do an excellent range of unconventional sushi with classy, modern ambience and great service.


Just this once skip the nigiri and try out their special makis.


Taj Samudra, 25 Galle Face Center Rd, Colombo 3


The Taj is across from the Galle Face Green right near the junction. You can access it from the Galle Road or from Macan Markar Mawatha, through the parking lot below. If you walk through the lobby YUMI is to your right. If you come from below you can also take the stairs up to the pool and enter that way.


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Open 12 - 3 PM, 7 - 12 PM



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