Here’s How Mayo Makes Everything Tastes Better!.

In our opinion, mayonnaise is very underrated and tragically misunderstood. Often overshadowed by other popular, not-so-basic dressings and sauces, it's one of those jars that quietly sits on the refrigerator door, until it's noticed – especially if we're making a simple salad or a sandwich. 

But, with the right amount of consumption, there are tons of amazing things that you can do with mayonnaise. Take Astra Mayo for example. It's a rich source of Omega 3 and Omega 6 fats, which help the growth and development of kids and maintaining the blood cholesterol of adults. And, it goes well with just about anything – meats, seafood, pies, burgers, submarines and short eats etc. Moreover, this turns the most ordinary day-to-day dishes, such as pulses and vegetables into interesting, nutritious meals. Needless to say, this actually eases up the process of feeding the kids.

So we decided to drop by a couple of restaurants in town that actually make good use of Astra mayonnaise to add an extra layer of flavour to their meals. Here's how it went. 

Cafe Noir

Our first stop was Cafe Noir – one of the best hangout spots in town. 

A crispy chicken burger without mayo – doesn't sound right, noh? And that's exactly why Cafe Noir makes sure to add a lovely drizzle of Astra mayonnaise in their Crispy Chicken Burger.

Featuring a hefty fillet of crispy chicken, sandwiched in between a soft, butter-toasted bread, this burger is one mouthful treat. There's a fine, detectable crunch as you bite into it, all thanks to the thick coating of batter that the chicken is encrusted in. The batter is very well seasoned too, with a sharp chilli kick, and the right amount of salt. It's dressed in a spicy sauce, which further amplifies the flavour.

Aside from the right seasoning and meatiness, what makes this a good burger is its juicy factor. The chicken fillet itself is juicy, and at the same time, Astra Mayo plays a vital role in adding a lot of moisture to the dish. It has this rich creaminess, with a slight tang, which ties up all the flavour notes well.

Cafe Noir also serves up a side of Astra Mayo with this burger. We quite enjoyed dipping our sweet potato fries in it. 

With layers and layers of flavour, exploring Cafe Noir's Club Sandwich was a pleasant experience as well. After all, a sandwich is one of the most classic uses of mayo, innit?

First up, you'll get a welcoming crisp from the perfectly toasted bread, and then, the smoky taste of the ham and eggs, followed by the creamy tuna and veggies. In fact, the latter is a wonderful representation of how Astra Mayo can be a great creamy, binding agent.

It makes the tuna+veggie filling very slather-able, while complementing each other so brilliantly. Canned tuna has this smoky, salty taste to it, which blends in really well with the mildly tart Astra Mayo. Plus, it's not heavy. Quite light and silky smooth in texture. 

The Grill By Doctor's Kitchen

Our next stop was the best grill in town – The Grill By Doctor's Kitchen. In here, we tried a platter of their grilled goodies – Chicken, Lamb and Chicken Kochchi Sausages, with a side of Astra Mayo. 

It was incredible! The Grill By Doctor's Kitchen uses fine cuts of fresh meats, and smoke them up for a good number of hours, glam them up with sauces, and then toss them onto the charcoal grill, to produce that deliciously smoky flavour, and the perfectly caramelised exterior. The Astra Mayo, with its clean, tart-salt balance, gives a fine flavour boost to these grilled goodies while doubling up the juiciness in the overall mouthfeel.

It makes a tasty combination with garlic bread too. The strong kicks of garlic and herbs fuse with Astra Mayo so brilliantly.

In Conclusion,

You can easily improve your usual meals with a dollop of Astra Mayo. They're available in 280ml squeezable bottles and 10g sachets, and is purchasable from every popular supermarket, including Keells, SPAR, Cargills Food City, Glomark and Arpico. 

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