Spas & Salons in Colombo.

Colombo's pampering industry has really stepped its game up. You can get pretty much everything your heart (and follicles) desire. From your roots to your toes, here's our list of some of the best spots in the city. This content is supported by Club Soirte, who handle spa/salon book reservations and whatnot. Here's where to go when you want to :

Look Pretty

These are all full-service salons, but they specialise in great hair cuts, styling, and colouring. 


Possibly the first international salon chain to set foot in Colombo, TONI & GUY has a brand new monolith on Ward Place that holds itself to the brand's international standards. We really enjoyed our wash and style session there, and met with professional and experience. The other floors of the building also do skin care, nail care, and more. Their prices are on par with most high-end salons in town, at about Rs. 2500 for a wash and blow-dry/iron.


Jaal Spa 

With beautiful minimalist ambience with lots of natural light and a great Colombo 07 location, Jaal Spa has warm and enthusiastic service, and a loyal client base. You're looking to spend around Rs. 2000 to get your hair washed and set, and about Rs. 3500 for a wash, cut, and style/dry. *Reservations can be made online at*



With a couple of branches (in Havelock Town and Wijerama Mawatha), Capello is known for doing great hair & make-up for weddings, shows, and filmed productions. Best part? Their service is super friendly. So if you've got somewhere to go, you know the spot! *Reservations can be made online at*


Ramani Fernando Salons 

One of Colombo's oldest and most established salon chains, you can find branches all around the city. The service isn't always amazing or reliable, but if you've got a stylist you've been going to for years you can be assured of great treatment and discounted prices. Prices are variable, depending on your stylist and location.


KESS Salon

KESS is another popular salon in the heart of the city, and one of our favourites. They're really busy though, so make sure you book well in advance. They do everything from subtle trims and highlights to total make overs. KESS is also one of the most reliable spots if you need something specific done like wedding make up, or a tricky full colour (like green, for example). They are a bit pricey at about Rs. 3500 – 4000 for a wash, cut and set if you go to the higher-tier stylists.


Gavin Ryan's Hair & Beauty Salon

Gavin Ryan himself is a stalwart of Colombo's top salons, having worked everywhere from Ramani's to Crown. His eponymous salon in the central (and touristy) Independence Arcade is filled with a motley crew of loyal long-time customers and tourists popping in for a spruce up. We enjoyed our experience there and found the service to be great. You can expect to pay between Rs. 2500 and Rs. 2800 for a wash and blow-dry/style if you've got long hair. *Reservations can be made online at*


Chagall Colombo

Chagall's the city's go-to spot when it comes to makeovers and bold colour changes. With an in-house "colour bar" based in Crescat Boulevard and a team of specialists, you're in good hands. You'd be best off calling ahead and explaining exactly what you have in mind so that they can set you up with a stylist that best matches your needs.


Get Skin & Nail Care

These salons will dish out facials, treatments, or do great manicures and pedicures. 

DIBI Milano

A brand new spot just under the KESS Salon on Rosmead Place, DIBI Milano is from the same owners at Mosh. With products and processes straight from Italy, they use incredibly high quality technology and procedures to give your skin the exact treatment it needs. If you want a dermatologically approved facial and have real problem areas, this is definitely your best bet in the city. It isn't cheap though, but neither is the stuff they use. *Reservations can soon be made online at*



Like its sister salon, DIBI, Mosh also uses products direct from Italy (Alfaparf Milan). We haven't visited them yet, but they cover everything on the aesthetic spectrum, from slimming procedures to hair and make up! *Reservations can be made online at*


The Nail Anatomy

The Nail Anatomy has one of the city's best reputations for impeccable service and efficiency. Their Classique Pedicure experience is great at Rs. 2650, and we appreciate their personalised service and top products. It's our usual go-to for nail care in the city, but they also do massages now, at about Rs. 5000 for an hour long session.


Ani & Olive

A relatively new salon in Colombo 5, Ani & Olive is Sothys Paris authorized and pride themselves on great service. They're slightly cheaper than the Colombo 7 salons, and we particularly like their attention to detail on manicures. They're a full service salon, so you can also get waxed and get your hair done here. They specialize in Indian makeup and hairdos. *Reservations can be made online at*



Spas that do massages, scrubs, wraps, and other therapies.

Siddhalepa Spa

One of the island's oldest chains, Siddhalepa is famous for their ayurvedic range of products and treatments. They sell and use their traditional herbal oils, and of course their famous balm in therapies. All of their treatments use ancient local ayurvedic techniques, and are pre-empted by a consultation with a herbal doctor. They're marginally cheaper than Spa Ceylon, but it's also a more serious/medical and less luxurious experience. *Reservations can be made online at*


Spa Ceylon

Spa Ceylon boasts a brilliant marketing strategy, a strong promotion of local branding and quality produce, as well as impeccable service. Spa Ceylon's flagship store on Galle Road (Colpetty) is one of the best spots if you need some r&r, or want to gift someone a luxurious experience for a special occasion. They also have branches all over the country. You can expect to pay about Rs. 7000 for a 90 minute luxury massage. *Group reservations can be made online at*


Baan Thai

Baan Thai didn't really cross our radar until recently, but we enjoyed our experience there. The ambience is definitely different from anything else you'll find in the city, with a lot of gold and Thai imagery. The therapists are all Thai, very friendly and experienced too, so you're in good hands. 60 minute massages cost upward of Rs. 6000 and come with a steam bath. *Reservations can be made online at*


Foot Rub

Foot Rub is one of the most convenient, hassle-free massage ventures out here. They've got well-located little booths in busy shopping areas where you'd most need a quick massage – ODEL, Crescat, and the airport. You can get a quick 20 minute rejuvenation foot rub for Rs. 1300 or a seated back rub or head massage for about Rs. 1400. *Reservations can be made online at*


Wax On, Wax Off


Bewaxed recently moved to a shiny new location on Kirimandala Mawatha, where they've expanded and spruced up their operation. They wax off everything you can possibly imagine, and are clean, well-trained, and cheaper than most other upscale waxing spots in the city. They are very busy though, so call well in advance. *Reservations can be made online at*


Honey Pot

Honey Pot is another luxury waxing spot, this time in the heart of the city, in Colombo 5's Park Road. They do everything from waxing to scrubs for ingrown hair, so you've got everything you need to keep your skin supple and smooth. Their prices are dependant on the wax that you choose (and they have quite a variety), so call ahead and check.


The Wax Museum

A chic and beautiful salon in the Independence Arcade, The Wax Museum is a full service salon that offers waxing, hair care, massages, and manicures/ pedicures. They aren't exactly cheap, but their service is superb and we love their ambience. It's our favourite spot for high quality waxing in the city, although we love their express manicure matte nails too (at just Rs. 1000)! *Reservations can be made online at*

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