The Sawan List – 2021.

The holy month of Ramadan is coming to an end, and we all know what that means! Make way to the silver-coloured platters piled up so high with aromatic, flavourful rice, tender meat and watalappan, please!
The entire world is at a halt due to the ongoing pandemic, but it doesn't mean that you can't relish a grand biriyani feast ordered from your favourite restaurant.
So here's where to get your biriyani sawan fix from.
This is a working list. If you're a restaurant, and interested in featuring your Eid special sawans here, call at 0760106226 or email


Elevate, the highest rooftop bar in town, which is also known for its fantastic international fare, is crafting up 3 kinds of biriyani for this Eid – Chicken, Mutton and Veg. These biriyanis can be accompanied by Mint Sambol, Raita, Brinjal Moju, Maldive Fish Sambol/ Seeni Sambol, Mixed Veg (includes cashews) curry and boiled fried eggs. 

Aside from that, they also serve up a selection of interesting sides, like Lamb Kofta and Spring Rolls etc. Make sure to place your orders 6 hours in advance. 

  • Price:
    • Chicken Biriyani – Rs. 4800 (4 pax), Rs. 7200 (6 pax)
    • Mutton Biriyani – Rs. 6200 (4 pax), Rs. 8900 (6 pax)
    • Vegetable Biriyani – Rs. 400 (4 pax), Rs. 6000 (6 pax)
    • For the full menu, click here
  • Contact: 0766527203/


The prawn-hub of Colombo, Isso does a deliciously prawny Biriyani sawan that can be shared among 8 people. The accompaniments include Mint Chutney, Raita, Malay Pickle and a boiled fried egg. 

  • Price: Rs. 8990
  • Contact: 0117770300


Chana's does one of the most iconic biriyanis in the city, which would be ideal for this eid. Their Hyderabadi Dum Biriyani sawan comes with Chicken and Mutton, and a range of sides, like Tandoori Chicken, Raita, Green Pea & Cashew curry and Malay Pickle. The full payment has to be made as you place the order.

  • Price: 
    • Chicken – Rs. 3650 (4 pax), Rs. 5690 (8 pax)
    • Mutton – Rs. 4150 (4 pax), Rs. 6940 (8 pax)
  • Contact: 0117939788/ 0775133655


Dinemore takes orders for chicken biriyani sawans until the 11th of May. If biriyani isn't your thing, try out the Ghee Rice Sawan. Both are good.

  • Price: 
    • Chicken Biriyani – Rs. 4800
    • Ghee Rice –  Rs. 4800
  • Contact: 0115661661

Gi-Gi Flavours

Gi-Gi Flavours is known for their superb Sri Lankanised Chinese fare, and this time around, they're whipping up some biriyani sawans too. Available with 2 kinds of meats – Chicken and Beef, along with a bunch of other elements, like Onion Achcharu, Maldive Fish Sambol, Green Peas curry, Raita and also, Wattalappan, as the dessert. 

  • Price:
    • Chicken Biriyani – Rs. 4400
    • Beef Biriyani – Rs. 4900
  • Contact: 0779966519

Arabian Knights

Arabian Knights's Eid Special Royal Sahan is a delightfully meaty, well-spiced up affair. With smoky Rice, Grilled Chicken, Kebabs (Kofta/ Orfali/ Tikka), Shawarma, Chickpea curry, Hot Tomato dip, Salad, soft drinks and Watalappan, it's plenty for five. 

  • Price: Rs. 3950
  • Contact: 0112301031/ 0112301032/ 0770364115

Cakes & Bakes

Cakes & Bakes is celebrating this festive season, by making two sawans – Special Bombay Biriyani and String Hopper Pilau, to be indulged with Maldive Fish Sambol, Pineapple curry, Malay Pickle, Baked Chicken, Green Pea & Cashew curry and Warm Chocolate Pudding on the sweet side. 

  • Price: 
    • String Hopper Pilau – Rs. 3900
    • Special Bombay Biriyani – Rs. 4500
  • Contact: 0775435445/ 0764412793

Saveira Indian Restaurant

Saveira Indian Restaurant's sawan offering comes with Mutton and Chicken, along with a selection of side dishes – Curried Chicken, Roast Chicken, Maldive Fish Sambol, Raita, Pickle, Green Pea curry, as well as Watalappan. 

Orders are accepted only until the 12th of May.

  • Price
    • Chicken Biriyani – Rs. 3500
    • Mutton Biriyani – Rs. 5000
  • Contact: 0112554344

Habibiz Sri Lanka

The Tandoori Chicken Biriyani sawan by Habibiz Sri Lanka is a sight to behold. Apart from that, they also do Chicken Dum Biriyani, Beef Biriyani, Mutton Biriyani and Chicken Fried Rice sawans. Place your orders before 6.00 PM on the day before Eid.

  • Price: 
    • Tandoori Chicken Biriyani – Rs. 4200
    • Chicken Dum Biriyani – Rs. 4200
    • Beef Biriyani – Rs. 4800
    • Mutton Biriyani – 6500
    • Chicken Fried Rice – Rs. 4200
  • Contact: 0112722282/ 0113694694

Ivy Lane Kitchen

The Ivy Lane Restaurant makes biriyani sawans under a budget, with 3 types of meat – Chicken, Beef and Mutton.

  • Price: 
    • Chicken Biriyani – Rs. 2400 (4/5 pax), Rs. 4290 (7/8 pax)
    • Beef Biriyani – Rs. 2900 (4/5 pax), Rs. 5290 (7/8 pax)
    • Mutton Biriyani – Rs. 3750 (4/5 pax), Rs. 6950 (7/8 pax)
  • Contact: 077195856/ 0112372093

The Food Life

This Chicken Biriyani sawan by The Food Life carries a generous dose of homemade touch. They make it with Basmati and Samba rice, adds 1kg of Masala Fried Chicken, and adequate helpings of Green Pea & Cashew curry, eggs, Pineapple, Mint Chutney, Malay Pickle and Raita.

  • Price: 
    • Basmathi Chicken Biriyani – Rs. 6200
    • Samba Chicken Biriyani – Rs. 5000
  • Contact: 072728889


Maharaja Palace

Maharaja Palace is a go-to place of many, for steaming hot, smoky, well-seasoned biriyani. During this eid, you can grab this delicacy in sawans, which are sharable between 6 – 8 people. 

  • Price:
    • Chicken Biriyani – Rs. 7500
    • Mutton Biriyani – Rs. 8500
  • Contact: 0114886000

Grill & Chill

The biriyani sawans by Grill & Chill will surely make this eid more festivas. They are served with a meat of your choice – Chicken, Mutton or Beef, and a few accompaniments – Green Pea curry, Malay Pickle, Raita, gravy and also, Watalappan to end your meal with a sweet note. 

  • Price:
    • Chicken Biriyani – Rs. 4100
    • Mutton Biriyani – Rs. 6600
    • Beef Biriyani – Rs. 4800
  • Contact: 0112710610

Shawarmaz @ GP

The Desi Biriyani sawans by Shawarmaz @ GP is the perfect meal for a group of 6. Can be indulged with Chicken/Mutton, Raita, eggs, chicken gravy, and later on, Watalappan. 

  • Price: 
    • Chicken Biriyani – Rs. 3900
    • Mutton Biriyani – Rs. 5500
  • Contact: 0777307443

Cinnamon Lakeside Colombo

A sumptuous biriyani sawan with Chicken/ Prawns/ Mutton is up for grabs through Cinnamon Lakeside's brand new delivery platform. Click here for orders.

  • Price:
    • Chicken Biriyani – Rs. 4200
    • Prawn Biriyani – Rs. 5100
    • Mutton Biriyani – Rs. 5600
  • Contact: 0112491000

Ramada Colombo

Ramada Colombo's Eid offering is quite unique, and has a lot to ch0ose from – from biriyani to ghee rice to fried rice and even lamprais. Orders can be placed via

  • Price:
    • Chicken Biriyani – Rs. 6500, includes full roast chicken, chicken kadai, curd & onion sambol, green pea & chicken liver curry, maldive fish sambol, mint sambol, eggs and watalappan
    • Mutton Biriyani – Rs. 8500, includes full roast chicken, mutton masala, curd & onion sambol, green pea & chicken liver curry, maldive fish sambol, mint sambol, eggs and watalappan
    • Prawns Biriyani – Rs. 9000, includes full roast chicken, prawn masala, curd & onion sambol, green pea & chicken liver curry, maldive fish sambol, mint sambol, eggs and watalappan
    • Chicken Ghee Rice – Rs. 6500, includes full roast chicken, chicken kuruma, tomato & onion sambol, green pea & chicken liver curry, maldive fish sambol, chutney, eggs and cream caramel
    • Chicken Lamprais – Rs. 6500, includes black chicken curry, dry ash plantain curry, blachan, brinjal moju, maldive fish sambol, fish cutlets, eggs and watalappan
    • Chicken Fried Rice – Rs. 6500, includes full roast chicken, chilli chicken, garlic kankun, vegetable chop suey, chilli paste, creme brulee
  • Contact: 0777864864
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